Volume 1 (1989), 250 pp.

Mahmound Elsaadani: Egyptian and Egyptianizing objects from the Peloponnese of the 1st Millennium B.C. Michael Breydy: La personne controversce de Leonce et ses pseudepigraphes. Kizobo Ο’bweng Okwess: Le recrutement des soldats Negro-africains par les Musulmans de VIIIe au ΧΙΙe siècle. Alexis G. C. Savvides: The Kleinchroniken on Byzantium’s Re1ations with the Seljuks and on the Oriental Frankish Kingdom’s Relations with Saladin and the Mameluks (A.D. 1067-1291). Paul Hidiro­glou: Der Arabische Herrscher Ιqrit von Kreta. Αθανασίου Θ. Φωτοπούλου: Οι δραγομάνοι του Μορέως. Yamba Bandeja: Dynamique socio-politique et contraintes économiques: Continuités et ruptures des identités ethnopolitiques d’Afrique Centrale, XVI-XIXe siècles. Guy De Plaen – Kawende Fina: Un collier de chef Luba. Ngila Bompeti: Le contexte de production de la palabre chez les Bolia. George Kallistratos Ursula Kallistratos: Fruit-trees against hunger. Mukuri Melchior: Le rôle de I’église catholique et de I’état dans la fabrication d’une identité dans le Burundi colonial. Michael Peyni Noku: Domination and Alienation: Setting in some francophone African Novels.

Volume 2 (1990), 320 pp.

C. Lambrou Phillipson: Cypriot and Levantine Pottery from House AD Center at Pseira, Crete. Ahmed Etman: Isis in the Greco-roman World with a special reference to Plutarch’s treatise «Περί ΄Ισιδος και Οσίριδος». Jobannes Irmscer: Die Juden im Ostgotenreich. Κizobo O’bweng-Okwess: L’apρort ethnographique, géographique et historique des voyages apostoliques de Julianus et de Longin­us dans la Haut-Nil au VIe siècle. Michael Breydy: Das Chronikon des Maroniten Theophilos ibn Tuma. Alexis G. C. Savvides: Morea and Islam, 8th-15th centuries: a Surνey. Φλορίν Μαρινέσκου: Νικόλαος «Μιλέσκου», ένας Ελληνο-ρουμάνος λόγιος του l7oυ αι. και το ταξίδι του στην Κίνα. Anna Tabaki: L’édition arabo-grecque de la Géographie d’Abulfeda par Dimitrios Alexandridis (1807) et sa ‘fortune’ au début du ΧΙΧe siècle. Κωνσταντίνου Θ. Κυριακοπούλου: O περιηγητής Π. Ποταγός (1839-1903). Dimitri Κitsikis: La Grèce et 1a Turquie en 1971-1976 face au conflit Israe1o-arabe du temps de Κissinger. Cosmas Megalommatis: L’Union Soνietique et les évènements en Chypre en juillet et août 1974. Haddad Adnan lpo-Abelela Μ.: L’arabe et Ιe swahili, propos sur le contact des langues en Afrique. Guy de Plaen: Art et écriture, Les dessins graphiques.

Volumes 3-4 (1991-1992), 320 pp.

C. Edmund Bosworth: Byzantium and the Arabs: war and peace between two wor1d civilisations. Θεοδώρου Χ. Σαρικάκη: Ή ίδρυσις ελληνικών πόλεων στην Ανατολή από τον Μ. Αλέξανδρο. Michael Breydy: Christlich-orientalische Handschriftenkataloge. Ahmed Etman: Classical studies and their influencc upon creative literature in Egypt and the Arab World. Alexis G. C. Savvides: Seventh-fif­teenth century Islamic history as portrayed in Greek Byzantine History manuals. Α bibliographicaI surνey. Αθανασίου Θ. Φωτοπούλου: Συμπληρωματικά στα περί Δραγομάνων του Μορέως. L. Α. Ogunbiyi: Α record of a commentary sighting in a 19th century West African Arabic work by Muhammad Bello b. Uthman b. Fudi (1779-1837 A.D.). Adnan Haddad: Les noirs d’Afrique dans les ‘‘Versets Sataniques’’ de Salman Rushdie. Eronini Ε. Egbujor: Le couρΙe imaginaire negro-africain: mission dans la lutte pour un développement Soutenu de l’Afrique (une approche sociologique). Kitengie Mulemba-a­-Mwembo: La désignation de Dieu chez les Songye. Lukenga Emundu: Les interνentions soviétiques dans les crises du Zaίre. Cas de la première République (1960-1965). Κizobo O’bwengOkwess: Les differents acceptions des termes ‘Aithiopia’ et ‘Aithiopes’ dans la Topographie Chretienne de Cosmas Indicopleu­stes. Κωνστ. Φ. Λουκέρη: Η ιμπεριαλιστική πολιτική της Ιταλίας στην Αβησσυνία (1885-1914). Benjamin Hendrickx: The ancien origin of the Lemba (Mwenye). Α criticaI overνiew of the existing theories. George: I. Kalliistratos Ioanna-Maria G. Kallistratos:The Kallidendron method as a contribution to the 2nd Green Revolution.

Volume 5 (1993), 198 pp.

Θεοδώρου Χ. Σαρικάκη: Μικρασιατικές επιγραφές [= Theodore Chr. Sarikakis: Inscriptions of Asia Μinor). Rashad Khouri Odetallah: Οι πολιορκίες και η άλωση των Συρακουσών από τους ΄Αραβες [= The sieges and the capture of Syracusae by the Arabs). Aλέξη Γ. Κ. Σαββίδη: Ομάρ Καγιάμ και Νιζάμ αλ-Μουλκ: από τις υψηλότερες στιγμές του μουσουλμανικού πολιτιστικού μεσαίωνα [= Alexis G. C. Savvides: Omar Khayyam and Nizam al-Mulk: Among the peak moments of the Moslem cultural Middle Ages). David Nicolle: Wounds, military surgery and the reality of Crusading warfare; the evidence of Usamah’s memoires. Μ. G. Varvounis: Α contribution tο the study of influences of Christian upon Moslem customs in popular worship. Aθαvασίου Θ. Φωτοπούλου: Ελληνική μετάφρασις της Τουρκικής Γραμματικής του Fr. Meninski κατά τον ΙΗ΄ αιώνα [= Athanasius Th. Photopoulos: Α Modern Greek translation of Fr. Meninski’s Turkish Grammar). J. Th. Mazis: The Armenian question: a challenge for geopolitical analysis. Bandeya Yamba: Identités sociales et formation politique du Shaba (ex-Katanga), Zaϊre, 1900-1980.

Volume 6 (1994), 208 pp.

Κοσμά Μεγαλομμάτη: Η ευρύτερη περιοχή της Ανατολικής Μεσογείου κατά τον 13ο και τον 12ο αιώνα και οι Λαοί της Θάλασσας [= Cosmas Megalommatis: La Méditerranée Orientale pendant le 13eme et le 12eme siècles avant notre ère et les Peuples de la Mer). Hamad Μ. Bin Seray: Alexander the Great in the Islamic accounts and in the Classical sources: a comparative study. Amidu Sanni: Α general survey of a philological tradition: patterns and models in Arabic lexicography. Johannes Irmscher: Das byzantinische Pergamon. Μ. G. Varvounis: Α contribution to folk songs research on Pomacs in the area of Xanthe (Thrace/Greece). Buenzey Maluenga Zolua: Le marxisme et la philosophie africaine: réflexions prospectives. Josias Semujanga: Chaka de Mofolo: naissance d’une figure littéraire à double facette. Kalele-ka-Bila: Les Basongye face à la législation coloniale belge sur 1a chasse et le commerce. Rose Folli: Jeremy Cronin – Inside. Isolation, communication and fellowship.

Volume 7 (1995), 212 pp.

Maria Campagnolo-Pothitou: Les échanges des prisonniers entre Byzance et I’Islam aux 1Χe et Χe siècles. Michel Dion Wan Zawawi Ibrahim: Joint ventures between Canadian companies and Malaysian business corporations; an ethical outlook. Ioannis Th. Mazis: Α geopolitical analysis on the issue of the water reserνes ίη Middle East. George Michalakopoulos: The succession of power in Qatar presages new developments or was it another family dispute? Θεοδώρου Χ. Σαρικάκη: Η Κίνα και ο λαός της κατά τους ‘Έλληνες και Λατίνους συγγραφείς [= Theodore Chr. Sarikakis: China according to Greek and Latin authors). Michael Breydy: Eine neue Methode, die Originalfassung syrischer Hymnen zu bestimmen. Ergänzungen zum Problem der verschiede­nen Ephraem-Versionen. Maduabuchi Dukor: Rationality of an African science. Biyoya Makutu Kahandja: Les aspects oublies de Ι’integration économique africaine. Musasa Kabobo: Réflexion sur la prolifération des sectes religieuses a Lubumbashi.

Volume 8 (1996), 212 pp.

Rusen Esref  Ünaydin: Sur la civilisation de 1a Grèce Antique. Christos Ρ. Baloglou Anestis C. Constanti­nidis: The treatise ‘Oecοnοmicus’ of the neo-pythagorean Bryson and its influence οn Arab-Islamic economic thought. Zakariyau Ι. Oseni: Further light on Jarir’s encomia for Al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf. Alexis G. C. Savvides: Acropolites and Gregoras οn the Byzantine-Seljuk confrontation at Antioch-on-the Maeander (A.D. 1211). English translation and commentary. Ν. Nicoloudis: Byzantine historians on the wars of Timur (Tamer1ane) in Central Asia and the Middle East. Η. Kandler: The meaning of the Seven Sleepers’ worship for the Islamic popular belief, especially for the voluntary pilgrimage (ziyara). Kangitsi Katembo: Les causes des conflits du pοuνοir politique traditionnel dans les collectivités-chefferies des Wanande du Nord-Kivu. Ziba Maya: Bibliothèque publique pour indigènes in Elisabethville 1946-1960. Rappel bibliographique et réflexions. W. Ο. Wotogbe Weneka: The fundamentals of indigenous African religion of the Ιkwerre, Nigeria. F. Ν. Ndubuisi: Αn evaluation of socialism in ancient Africa with emphasis on the works of Julius Nyerere and Kwame Nkrumah. Rose Folli: Dennis Brutus: Α voice from Robben Island.

Volume 9 (1997-1998), 220 pp.

Anupa Pande:Aesthetic experience: a comparison of Greek and Indian theοries. Kizobo O’bweng-Okwess: Les combattants “corbeaux” dans De bellis Lybicis de Flaνius Cresconius Cοrippus. Zhang Xu-shan: China and the Graeco-Roman world: their approaches to each other through the Silk Road before the 3rd century AD. Ahmed Etman: Greek into Latin through Arabic. Μ. Tahar Mansouri: Vie portuaire à Tunis au Bas Moyen-age (XII-Xve siècle). M.G. Varvounis: Christian and Islamic parallel cultural traditions in the popular culture of the Balkan people. Michael Κnüppel: Zur Herkunft der Bezeichnung “Karamanen /Karamanier” für die Turkophonen Orthodoxen Anatoliens. Η. Bambounis: Rapports sur les maghrébins dans les Archiνes Ηistοriques d’Hydra (1778-1832).  Michel Dion: Α typology of value-οrientatiοns as applied in the business world. Mfumu-Ngoy Kadyambi: Du proto-bantu au songye: analyse diachronique du système phonologique. J. Ι. Unah: Bantu ontology and its implications for African socio-economic and political institutions. Michael Peyni Noku: Du peuple messianique à l’armée salvatrice: Le dernier de l’empire dans l’oeuvre d’Ousmane Sembene.

Volume 10 (1999), 220 pp.

Aθανασίου Θ. Φωτοπούλου, Ο Joseph vοn Hammer-Purgstall και η συμβολή του στις ανατολικές σπουδές. [=Athanasius Th. Pbotopoulos, Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall and his contribution to Oriental studies]. Amidu Sanni: The authority of tradition and the tradition of authority: Originality and imitation in Arabic and early classical theoretical discourse. Dauda S. Garuba: Α historical examination of Shaikh Salih Yahya’s Quasidah οn “Auchi Centre”. Ο. Ε. Alana: Demons in the first century Christian era and Υoruba society of  today. F. Ν. Ndubuisi: The ethical foundation of crime and punishment in Uzuakoli ancient community. Buenzey Maluenga Zolua: Developpement en Afrique: ideologie οu postulat. Alexis Karangira: Le français dans la politique linguistique du Ζaϊre. Ρ. Davarinos: Die historische Theorie der Zwischenregion im Osten und Westen. Alexis G. C. Savvides: Notes on Zaghanos Pasha’s career.

Volume 11 (2000-2002), 256 pp.

Αθανασίου Θ. Φωτοπούλου, Η συμβολή των Ελλήνων στις αραβι­κές και ισλαμικές σπουδές από το 1453 έως σήμερα [=Athanasius Th. Photopoulos, The contribution of the Greeks to Arabic and Islamic studies from 1453 to the present]. Anne Regourd: Le jet de coquillages divinatoire en Islam arabe et en Afrique subsaharienne: Première contribution à une étude comparative. Michael Κnüppel: Zum Problem der türkischen Bibelübersetzung des Hans Ungand vοn Sonnek (1493-1564).  Μ. Tahar Mansouri: Les femmes d’origine byzantine /les Roumiyyat sous les Abbassides: Une approche onomastique. Ralf ΜüΙΙer: Die Kunst, deη Geist durch Reisen zu Bilden. Das rast­lose Leben des Adam von Schlieben.  Alexios G. C. Savvides: Notes on the Ghazi warriors of the Muslim faith in the Middle Ages.

Volume 12 (2003), 293 pp.

Benjamin Hendrickx: The basileis of Axum: Lexicon of the Greek Axumite epigraphic documents. Evangelos Venetis: Some notes on the Zoroastrian clergy’s policy and the Sasanian – Roman struggle (3rd cent.). Amidu Sanni: Al-Tawhidi’s “Epistle on the sciences”: An epistemological study of the section on balāgha  (rhetoric). M. G. Varvounis: Balkan dimensions and Moslem variations at the custom of “Tzamala” in Thrace. Alexios G. C. Savvides: Notes on the Ionian Islands and Islam in the Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods (Arab and Ottoman raids). Christos P. Baloglou: The economic thought of Ibn Khaldoun (1332-1406) and Georgios Gemistos Plethon (1355-1452): Some comparative parallels and links. Amal Ali Mazher: Intertextual subversions and appropriations in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, Shawqi’s The death of Cleopatra and Etman’s Cleopatra loves peace. Dimitris Michalopoulos: The European Union, Turkey and Greece: A historical approach. Recep Boztemur: De-radicalization of political Islam in the Middle East: The case of the Egyptian Brotherhood. Anna Akasoy: Aspects of history, identity and gender in Nedim Gürsel’s Boğazkesen. George Michalopoulos: Tensions between Greece and Turkey during the 1840’s: An Ottoman diplomat against a Greek premier. Anaclet Kitengie Mulemba-a-Muembo / Benj. Ngongo M. Tchite: L’esclavage dans la société traditionnelle songye (des origines à 1870). Alexis Karangira: Shaba deux: Le christianisme en question. Jeanne Nyirahabimana: «La fille dans l’impasse»: Étude socio-sémiotique d’un conte rwandais. Christos P. Baloglou: Schumpeter’s “GAP”. Medieval Islamic and Byzantine economic thought.  Κωνσταντίνος Κουϊμάνης: Οι περιπέτειες του Ουεναμούν [Konstantinos Kouimanis: Wenamoun’s adventures].

Volume 13 (2004).  (Proceedings of the 1st International Congress of Oriental and African Studies), 378 pp.

Γρηγόριος Ζιάκας: Αραβικός και Ισλαμικός πολιτισμός και η σχέση του με τον Ελληνισμό [=Gregorios D. Ziakas: Arabic and Islamic civilization and its   relationship to Hellenism]. Χρίστος Δημητρουλόπουλος: Κοινοί τόποι ανάμεσα στα παραμύθια της Χαλιμάς και στα πρωτονεοελληνικά μυθιστορήματα [=Christos Dimitroulopoulos: The borrowing and adaptation of Arabic tales by the writers of Byzantine – post-Byzantine romances and poems]. Hesham M. Hassan: Το ποίημα του Αμπού Ταμμάμ και η άλωση του Αμορίου το 838 μ.Χ. [=The poem of Abū Tammām about the fall of Amorium in 838 A.D.]. Ali Mansour al-Shehab: The Hijra and its effects of the social changes on the Arabs. Kizobo O’Bweng – Okwess; Le témoignage d’Haroun ibn-Yahya sur les gardiens chrétiens noirs au Palais Impérial à Constantinople au Xe siècle: Quelques réflexions critiques. Eυθύμιος Άσσος: Η Βέροια της Συρίας [=Euthymios Assos: The Veroia of Syria]. P.G. Fougias: Perspectives for an interreligious dialogue between Christians and Muslims. Dimitris Michalopoulos: L’Ιslam et Le Prince de Nicolas Machiavel. Χρήστος Γ. Τόλιος: Γάμος και διαζύγιο κατά το μουσουλμανικό Δίκαιο [=Christos  G. Tolios: Marriage and divorce in the Islamic Law]. Γρηγόρης Μπαϊρακτάρης: Η συναίρεση φιλοσοφίας, ψυχολογίας και μυστικισμού στο έργο του Τζελαλεντίν Ρούμι (1207-1273) [=Gregory Baïractaris: The syneresis of philosophy, psychology and mysticism in the works of Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273)]. Θεοδόσης Πυλαρινός: Ο «Μεβλανά ο εξαίσιος» του Ι. Μ. Παναγιωτόπουλου [=Theodossios Pylarinos: Mevlana the Excellent by I. M. Panayotopoulos]. Anna Akasoy: Interpretations of Seikh Badreddin’s rebellion in modern literature and historiography.  Iωάννης A. Κάππος: Παρατηρήσεις στο έργο του Ερημίτου (=μητρ. Δέρκων Ιακώβου) περί του Μωάμεθ [=Ioannis A. Kappos: Observations based on the study of religious reasoning by the Eremite (Jacob of Derkon), Mohammed: Mentor or Prophet?”]. Γιώργος Φρέρης: Η αναζήτηση ταυτότητας στις χώρες του Μαγκρέμπ [=George Freris, Searching for cultural identity in the countries of Maghreb]. Γιάννης Σακκάς: Οι ελληνο-αραβικές σχέσεις στη νεότερη εποχή [=John Sakkas: Greece and the Arab World in the Cold War Era. Strategy and Diplomacy. Αlexandra Photopoulou: L’enseignement de la langue arabe aux étudiants grecs. Ελένη Ψυχογιού: Η θρησκευτική και εθνοτική ετερότητα (Ασιάτες, Αφρικανοί, Οθωμανοί) ως δήλωση μεταφυσικής επιφάνειας στα τελετουργικά δημοτικά τραγούδια [=Eleni Psychoyiou: Ethnic Otherness as a Metaphysical Presence in Ritual Songs:Elmas Aga and Eleni]. Recep Boztemur: The state, nation and the prospects for democracy in the Middle East. Περσεφόνη Γιαννέλου: Το αραβικό στοιχείο στο έργο του Στρατή Τσίρκα [=Persephoni Yannelou: The Arabs in the work of Stratis Tsirkas]. Μαρία ΑρβανίτηΣωτηροπούλου: Ισλάμ: Φορέας ειρήνης ή κατακτητική δύναμη; [=Maria Arvaniti – Sotiropoulou: Islam: A  force  for peace or  a  provocative power?]. Χρήστος Κ. Ρέππας: Αναφορές στο Ισλάμ και ανατολικούς πολιτισμούς στο έργο του πολιτικού και διανοούμενου Σταύρου Κωστόπουλου (1899-1968) [=Christos K. Reppas: References to Islam and Oriental civilizations in the work of the politician and intellectual Stavros Kostopoulos (1899-1968)]. Ρένα Σπανού: Ελληνο-αραβικές σχέσεις και Τύπος [=Rhena Spanou: Current relations of Hellenism with the Arab and Islamic World]. Αθανάσιος Θ. Φωτόπουλος: Οι ΄Ελληνες στο Σουδάν κατά τον 19ο αιώνα [=Athanasius Th. Photopoulos: Greeks in Sudan in the 19thcentury]. George Delopoulos: The Byzantine diplomatic mission of Constantine (St. Cyril) to the Arabs in the 9th century.

Volume 14 (2005), 316 pp.

Benjamin Hendrickx: The Nubian and Blemmyan rulers and their states: Lexicon of terms used in their Greek royal, legal and socio-political inscriptions, graffiti and papyri (1st century AD – ca 1323 AD). Spyros D. Syropoulos: Religious parameters in the Orientalizing policies of Hellenistic rulers: the cases of Egypt and Judaea. Mame Sow Diouf: Stylistic study of the prayers of the Hajj: the aesthetic encounter between Arabs and Greeks. Michael Knüppel: Robert Paul Austerlitz (1923-1994) und seine Bedeutung für die nivchischen Studien. Γρηγόρης Μπαϊρακτάρης: Ο χορός των στροβιλιζόμενων δερβίσηδων και η σχέση του με κατάλοιπα ορφικών και διονυσιακών ιερουργιών στη Μικρά Ασία [=Grigoris Bairaktaris: The Whirling Dervishes dance and its relation with Orphic and Dionysian rites in Asia Minor]. Evangelia N. Georgitsoyanni: Greek masons in Africa: the case of the Carpathian masons in Morocco. Muammer İskenderoğlu: Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzi on the immateriality of the houman soul. Hessām M. Hāssan: Η αραβική γλώσσα: προκλήσεις και λύσεις [=The Arabic language: challenges and solutions]. Παναγιώτης Κ. Κουτουβάλας: Αἱ ἀραβοβυζαντιναὶ σχέσεις ἐν ταῖς ἐπιστολαῖς Νικολάου τοῦ Μυστικοῦ: μία ἀκόμη προσέγγισις [=Panaghiotes K. Koutou-valas:The Arab-Byzantine relations through the letters of Nikolas Mystikos: one more approach]. Faisal Abdulla Alkanderi: Khadim Sulaiman Pacha (d. 954h/1547). Mukadi Luaba Nkamba: Analyse critique des réactions des populations du Kasaï face à la pénétration du christianisme au XIXème siècle: cas des Luluwa et des Luba Lubilanji. John Osarumen Aghahowa – E.E.M. Ukpebor: The British colonial economic policies and Nigeria’s underdevelopment. Oladosu Afis. A.: “al-Sud” in African fiction: rethinking Ayi Armah and Ihsan Abdul Quddus. Σάββας ΠαπαπέτρουΜαρία Βλαχάδη: Η κοινωνική δομή της Κύπρου κατά την Οθωμανική περίοδο [Savvas Papapetrou & Maria Vlachadi: The social structure of Cyprus in the period of the Turkish domination]. MISCELLANEA: 1) Dimitris Michalopoulos: L’au delà dans la littérature slave et haïtienne: un survol.   2) Anastassios Koutsoukos: Didactique du grec ancien. 3) Anastassios Koutsoukos: Les idées psychologiques, pédagogiques et didactiques des philosophes de l’Antiquité grecque.

Volume 15 (2006), 394 pp.

Ali Durusoy: Ibn Sīnā’s Contributions to Classical Logic. Animashaun Ma’ruf S.: The Aspect of Philology in Al-Tawhidi’s Epistle on the Sciences. Sulayman Adeniran Shittu: Translation and Appraisal of Themes and Styles of Mānzumāt al-rijāl of ‘Ali b. Husayn Zaynul  – ‘Ābidīn. Reuven Snir: “Do not they and I share a Common Source?” Modern Arab-Jewish Culture, its Historical Background and Current Demise. M. Oloyede Abdul-Rahmon: Arabic Writing on Religious Tradition in Modern Society. Jeries Naim Khoury: Employment of Popular Proverbs in Modern Arabic Poetry (1945-1961).Oladosu Afis Ayinde: Bint Majdhūb and her “Sisters”: Identities and Paradoxes. Amidu Olelakan Sanni: Challenges and Realities in the Healing and Power-Accession Custom of the Yoruba Muslims of Nigeria. Manal Khedr: La Bibliothèque d’Alexandrie, symbole de dialogue, dans Les noces de la Nymphe des Bibliothèques de Ahmed Etman. Hessām M. Hāssan: Οι επιρροές του αρχαίου ελληνικού δράματος στο σύγχρονο αιγυπτιακό θέατρο [=The Influences of the Ancient Greek Drama on the Modern Egyptian Theater]. Κangitsi Katembo – Piema Nikobi: Les représentations des populations de la ville de Kananga sur les Banyamulenge de 1990 à 2005. Mukadi Luaba Nkamba: La question historique de l’éthique chrétienne du travail en République Démocratique du Congo. Matthew O. Iwuchukwu: Le français en milieu multilingue africain: le cas de Nigéria. Mpamba Kamba Kamba: Aspects sociolinguistiques et praxéologiques de la littérature negro-africaine écrite en français. Βασίλειος Δ. Σιακωτός: Ο διδάσκαλος Κανέλλος Σπανός (1700 περ.-1756) και το έργο του Γραμματική της τουρκικής γλώσσης (1730) [=Vassileios D. Siakotos: The Schoolmaster Canellos Spanos (circa 1700-1756) and his Work Γραμματική της τουρκικής γλώσσης (Grammar of the Turkish Language) 1730. Dimitris Michalopoulos: Congrès au Japon. Dimitris Michalopoulos: Chistianity and Islam: A misrepresented relationship. Desire Khasirikani Mbakwiravyo, Kamondo Matata, Kakule Bayala: Contribution à l’indentification des espèces de poissons larvivores pour la lutte biologique contre les moustiques aux environs des étangs piscicoles en R.D. Con-go. Tasos Oikonomou: Benedict XVI’s Reference to the Words of Manuel II Palaiologos and his Accusations of Islam Michael Knüppel: Robert Paul Austerlitz (1923-1994) und seine Bedeutung für die nivchischen Studien (Corrigenda et Addenda). Christos P. Baloglou: The Metropolitan Methodios (Fouyas) (1924-2006) and his Contribution to Oriental and Islamic Literature.  Dimitris Michalopoulos: Rum Patrikhanesi: Some considerations on the writings of Kemal Karpat.

Volume  16 (2007), 420 pp.

Animashaun Maruf S.: The Renaissance of Islam. An Aspect of Arabic Cultural Heritage in the Medieval Period. Bouzid Aleya: Contribution à l’étude des tribus berbères: les Sanhâja. Lotfi Aïssa: Tunis ville musulmane: Espaces sacrés et mémoire spatiale. T. M. Yaqub: Data Collection and Elicitation: Trends in Arabic Linguistics. Amidu Sanni: The Nigerian Muslim Youth and the Sharī’a Controversy. Issues in Violence Engineering in the Public Sphere. Jeries N. Khoury: Employment of the Popular Proverb in Modern Αrabic Poetry 1962-1987. Abdul-Kabir Olawale Paramole: Menace of Cultism in Nigerian Educational System and Islamic Strategies for its Eradication. Heshām M. yāssan: Yusif Idrīs… Σπίτι από σάρκα. Emel Esin: Muyanlıq. (Translated by Gary Leiser). Michael Knüppel: Drei Briefe Johannes Rahders an Gerhard Doerfer. Theophanis Malkidis: Aspects of the Kurdish Question. Ruben Safrastyan: Patterns of Ottoman Politics towards Christians during Tanzimat: From Equal Rights to Ottomanization and to Genocidal Intent. Katsuva Ngitsi – Katungo Mukokoma: Disruption of Society as viewed in some African Poems. Olatoye K. A.: Admissibility of Computer Generated Evidence in Nigeria: Making a Case for Reforms. Jovite Kamondo Matata – Désiré Khasirikani Mbakwiravyo: Contribution à l’indentifica-tion des plantes fourragères subspontanées du lapin exploitées par les cuniculteurs à Butembo et ses environs(R.D. Congo). Joseph S. Gbenda: Time and Space in Tiv Traditional Eschatology. Hitimana Justine: L’état des connaissances sur l’histoire du peuplement du Rwanda: Les hypothèses d’hier. Rudi Paret: Το Ισλάμ και η Ελληνική Παιδεία (μτφρ. Γ. Δ. Παναγόπουλος) [Islam und das griechische Bildungswesen].

Volume 17 (2008), 304 pp.

Panayotis A. Yannopoulos: Deux toponymes d’étymologie arabe en Argolide. – Saif Shaheen Almuraikhi: Trade Relations between the Gulf Area and the East Coast of Africa from the 10th to the 15th Century AD / 4th to 9th Century AH. – Gary and Patricia Leiser: Antoine Galland’s Declaration of Orientalism in 1697. – Sotirios S. Livas: Blending Esotericism with Political Aspirations in a Global Level: Tracing a Lineage to Fethullah Gülen’s Islamic Discourse. – Amidu Sanni: Terror in the Name of God and the Society: The Nigerian Youth and the Economy of Violence. – Kamil Koyejo Oloso: Medico-religious Terrain: Between Orthodox and Popular Islam in Yorubaland (Nigeria). – Α. F. Ahmed: Political and Socio-religious Impact of the Qādiriyyah in Nigeria. – S.A. Shittu: A Study of Contents and Styles of Shaykh Ibrahim al-Kawlakh’s Nurul-Bashar fi Mahdi Sayyidil-Bashar. – Kazeem Adebayo Omofoyewa: A Contextual Study of Awdatu Majd al-Markaz of ‘Abdul-Wāhid Jumu‘ah Ariyibi. – Lateef Mobolaji Adetona: Islamic Paradigms of Dialogue as Mechanism for Conflict’s Resolution. – K.A. Olatoye: Laying the Proper Foundation for the Determination of Courts Jurisdiction on Land Matters: Hints to the Supreme Court of Nigeria. – F.A.R. Adeleke: Critical Appraisal of the Offence of Rape under the Codes and the New Child Right Act 2003. – Abdullah, U.O. – Luqman Adedeji: Islamic Teacher Preparation in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects. – Désiré Khasirikani Mbakwiravyo – Charles Machomakali Kamate: Contribution à l’inventaire des plantes consommées par le chimpanzé, Pan troglodytes (Primate : Pongidae), à Kagheri au Nord-Kivu en République Démocratique du Congo. – Heshām M. Ḥāssan: Yusif Idris, Δύο διηγήματα. – BOOK REVIEWS. – CHRONICLES: 1) Obituary: Samuel P. Huntington (1927-2008) – 2) Edward Said: Τhe Clash of Ignorance. –  3) Remembering Edward Said (1935-2003). – 4) Dr. James Watson, Nobel laureate: Black people ‘less intelligent’.

Volume 18 (2009), 405 pp.

Alexandra Ath. Photopoulou: L’influence de l’esprit grec ancien sur la littérature scientifique des arabes au moyen âge: al-Jāḥiẓ et les sources aristotéliciennes de son œuvre «Kitāb al-hayawān». Alexios G.C. Savvides: Ottoman-dominated Morea in the Periods c. 1460-1669 and 1715-1833. A Survey. Παναγιώτης Κουτουβάλας: Δύο δημηγορίες τοῦ Κωνσταντίνου Ζ΄ Πορφυρογεννήτου πρὸς τὸν στρατὸ στὸ πλαίσιο τῶν αραβοβυζαντινῶν συγκρούσεων [Panaghiotes Koutouvalas: Two Orations against the Arabs attributed to Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus]. S. M. Ghazanfar: Capitalist Tradition in the Early Arab-Islamic Civilization. Hakan Aydemir: Bemerkungen zu den tocharisch-türkischen und tocharisch-uigurischen Beziehungen (türkisch twqry, sogdisch twγr’k, persisch t(u)ġr(a)q). Στέφανος Κορδώσης: Από την Ιστορία του Παντουρκισμού: Ο Arminius Vampéry, ο Ismail Bey Gasprinski και ο αγγλο-ρωσικός πολιτικός ανταγωνισμός στην Εσώτερη Ασία [Stefanos Kordoses: From the History of Pan Turkism: Arminius Vambéry, Ismail Bey Gasprinski and the Anglo-Russian Rivalry in Inner Asia]. Ibrahim Olatunde Uthman: Muslim Women in Nigeria. The Position of Fomwan and Lessons from Islamic Malaysia. Kazeem Adebayo Omofoyewa: Markaz and the Development of Arabic Language in South-Western Nigeria. Tijani A. Mogaji: Educational Technology and Arabic Studies: A Review. Abdul-Kabir Ola-wale Paramole: Islamic Ethics in a Democrating Setting: Nigeria as a Case Study. Fuloso Okebukola & Tunde Owolabi: Improving the Reading Ability of Science Students through Study Groups and Multiple Intelligences. M. O. Raheemson: Islam and Corporate Business Ethics. Adesina – Uthman Ganiyat A.:  Financial Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from Africa Cross-Sectional Data. CHRONICLES:1. Mahmoud Darwish (13 March 19419 August 2008). 2. Claude Levi-Strauss (1908-2009). BOOK REVIEWS.

Volume 19 (2010), 426 pp.

Παναγιώτης Γιαννόπουλος, Η Πάτρα στον 9ο αιώνα [= Panayotis Yannopoulos: Patras in 9th Century]. Michael Knüppel, Anmerkungen zum Duraljan – oder: ein Beitrag zur Enfindung von Proto-Sprachen. Mehtap Ergenoğlu & Michael Knüppel, Eine „Inthronisation-Bekanntgabe“ Sulṭān Maḥmūds II. an das Königreich Westphalen in den Beständen der Kasseler Universitäts-bibliothek.Hakan Aydemir, Neue Erkentnisse über die chinesische Vorlage der alttürkischen Xuanzang-Biographie. Bouzid Aleya, Recherches sur les tribus berbères d’époque médiévale : Encore sur les subdivisions des Sanhâja. Gary Leiser: A Figurative Meeting of Minds between Seventeenth-Century Istanbul and Paris: The World Views of Kâtib Çelebî and Barthélemi d’Herbelot. H. Babounis, Témoignages de parole imprimée, symboles et représentations : L’«Égypte» (1862-1863), le premier instrument journalistique de l’hellénisme égyptien. Lateef Mobolaji Adetona: Da’wah (Islamic Propagation) in Yoruba Land: From the Advent of Islam to the End of Colonial Period. O.J.K. Ogundele & A.R. Hassan: Ingredients for Global Dominance in African Entrepreneurship. M.O. Adeniyi: Islamic Concept of Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development in Nigeria. Kareem Muritala Kewuyemi: The Development Finance Institutions in Nigeria and the Islamic Finance since 1964.  Danoye-Oguntola Laguda: “Pentecostalism” and African Religious Movements in the 21th Century: A Case Study of Indigenous Faith of Africa, Ijo Orunmila. F.A.R. Adeleke & Lateef Ogboye: Male Circumcision: Sexual and Reproductive Health Perspectives. Ι. Α. Seriki: An Examination of the Appointment of Chief Imam of Abeokuta Central Mosque and it’s Attendant Crises (1890-1960). Mubarak Ademola Noibi: Political Corruption and the Nigerian Democratic Environment: The Role of Religion. Evangelia Damouli: Les femmes dans «Le champ des oliviers» et «Mémoire de l’absent» de Nabile Farès, écrivain algérien d’expression française. Katsuva Ngitsi & Katsuva Kayisavira: The African Ruler’s Policy of “Divide and Rule”: A Socio-political Criticism through some Novels. Kazeem Adebayo Omofoyewa: Al-Qalqasandī and his Subh al-a‛shā: Lessons for, and Challenges to Nigerian Arabic Prose Writers. Justine Hitimana: La transition du Rwanda vers l’indépendence: les principales revendications et exigences politiques des élites locales (1957-1962). Vicky Muamba Mvita: Analyse du chiffre d’affaires critique dans la gestion commerciale de la Bracongo / Kananga. Sébastien Mutanga Diboko: Utilisation des preservatifs dans le planning familial chez les couples de la Zone de Santé de Kananga. Eduard Bwatu Pero: Diagnostic paraclinique et fréquence des tuberculeux dans la ville de Kananga. Olivier Roger Kabatuakuidi Bakajika: Décès dus au paludisme chez les enfants de moins de 5 ans à Kananga. Adetola Οlujare Oye: The Limits of Translation: Translating an African Writer. MISCELLANEA: 1. Michael Knüppel: Ein neues Wörterbuch der Turzismen im Bulgarischen. 2. Michael Knüppel: Einige Bemerkungen zu einem Privatdruck D. Schlingloffs („T III MQR – Eine ostturkistanische Klosterbibliothek und ihr Schicksal“). 3. Χρήστου Π. Μπαλό-γλου: Ὁ πατριάρχης Ἀλεξανδρείας Χριστοφόρος καὶ ὁ Νίκος Μπελογιάννης. Μία ἄγνωστη σελίδα τῆς ἱστορίας τοῦ Πατριαρχείου Ἀλεξανδρείας [= Christos Baloglou: Pope and Patriarch of Alexandreia Christophoros and Nikos Beloyiannis. An unknown page of the history of the Patriarchate of Alexandria]. 4. Dimitri Νikolay Sargsyan: Architectural art of Urartu, the origination of its ethnic roots. CHRONICLES: 1. President Obama’s Cairo Speech. 2. Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd (1943-2010). BOOK REVIEWS.

Volume 20 (2011), 333 pp.

Areej Muhammad Rajhi: L’exploitation des mines et des carrières en Égypte sous le règne de la XIIe dynastie (1991-1780 ?  avant J.C.). Kizobo O’bweng-Okwess: L’Afrique au sud de l’Égypte et du Sahara dans l’Oikoumène byzantin. Παναγιώτης Γιαννόπουλος: Τα ιστορικώς εξακριβωμένα στοιχεία για το βίο του Αγίου Πέτρου Άργους. El-Fatih El-Zain Sheikh Idris: Pre-Islamic Arabian navigation from the Seventh to the Tenth Century A.D. Maruf Suraqat Animashaun & Mohd. Shamsuddin Salauddin: The Format Authority: Ibn Rashiq’s (d. 1064/456) Exposition of Literary Criticism in al-‘Umda. Michael Knüppel: Die Na-déné-Spachen im Lichte der Greenberg- Klassifikation?. Claude Otto: Etymologisches und Grammatikalisches zu toch.B ṣārwai. Amidu Sanni: Arabic Studies in the Nigerian University System: Retrospections, Introspections, and Projections. Mikail Adebisi Folorunshο: Further Light on the Diffusion of Arabic Literary Scholarship in Yorubaland, South- Nigeria. Abioye Abdulrauf: A Congratulatory Poem by Harun Katibi. Αbdul Kabeer Tihamiyu Otunuyi: Translation Challenges in the training of Teachers through Arabic Medium in Nigeria. S. A. Shittu: An Analytical Study of Yoruba Proverbs of Islamic Origin. John Kambale Katimba: The Effects of Cosmic Forces on Human Beings in Yira Society. Sulaiman Kamal-Deen Olawale: The justifications for a Male’s Double Share of Female in Islamic Law of Inheritance. Kabir Olawale Paramole: The Qur’anic Basis for a Crime – Free Community in Contemporary Nigeria: An Inquiry into Qur’an 17 Verses 3-37. Rosnani Bint Hashim & Saheed Ahmad Rufai: Traditional Islamic Education in Asia and Africa: A Comparative Study of  Malaysia’s pondok, Indonesia’s pesantren, and Nigeria’s traditional madrasah. Hessah al Dossary: L’autre dans l’expérience romanesque d’Amine Maalouf (L’exemple Des échelles du Levant). Rhena Spanou: “…War… fought by Proxy”. The 1919-22 Greek Asia Minor Campaign. ΜΙSCΕLLΑΝΕΑ: 1. Michael Knüppel: Addenda und Corrigenda zu JOAS 19, 2010. 2. Michael Knüppel: Noch einmal zum „Proto-Nostratischen”? – Oder: Über die Sprache des Homo Insipiensis. 3. Evangélie Damouli: «Entre Oui et Non» dans L’envers et l’endroit d’Albert Camus. OBITUARIES: 1. Kamal Suleiman Salibi (الصليبي سليمان كمال) (2 May 1929 – 1 September 2011). 2. G.H.A. Juynboll (1935-2010). 3. Oleg Grabar († January 8, 2011). 4.  Νεοκλής Σαρρής (Neokles Sarres) (1940-19.11.2011). CHRONICLES: Conference in Thessaloniki (Greece). Balkan Worlds: Ottoman past and Balkan Nationalisms. REVIEW ARTICLES. BOOK REVIEWS. CONTRIBUTORS.

Volume 21 (2012), 314 pp.

Χρήστου Π. Μπαλόγλου: Η παραμονή και δραστηριότητα του Αποστόλου Παύλου στην Αραβία.  [=Christos P. Baloglou: Apostle Paul’s Travel and Activities in Arabia.]. Dimitri Νikolay Sargsyan: The Worship and Religion of the Urartian State, the Roots of its Ethnic Origin. Stephanos Kordoses: The Islamic Pre-history of Pan Turkism: Muslim View of the World of the Steppe Nomads and the Turks. Michael Knüppel: Zu Edward Sapirs „Comparative dictionary of Indo-Chinese and Na-Dene”. Hakeem Salmon: The Princely Versesmith of the Umayyad: Walid b. Yazid. Jeries Naim Khoury: Employment of Popular Proverbs in Modern Arabic Poetry from 1988 – 2012. Sotirios S. Livas: Hizmet Revisited: A Critical Reassesment of Fethullah Gülen’s Global Vision and Network. Adejoro Raheem Mustapha: The Emmergence and Activities of Muslim Societies in Akokoland of Ondo State, Nigeria. Muhammad Olatunde Yaqub: Learning Arabic Language in Nigerian Universities and Beyond. Mikail Adebisi Folorunsho: Stylistic Features in the Arabic Works of Yoruba (South-Western Nigeria) ‘Ulamā’. Amidu Olalekan Sanni: Conversion and Reversion in the Power Accession Narrative: Muslim Prayer Groups in Nigeria. S. A. Owoeye: Socio-Cultural and Religious Factors in Christian and Muslim’s Dialogue in Comparison between Northern and South Western Nigeria. Grégoire Ngalamulume Tshiebue: Les projets de développement agricole en RD Congo : quel apport à la réalisation de la sécurité alimentaire et au renforcement des capacités locales? Étude comparative de deux cas dans la Province du Kasaï Occidental. Albertine K’untu Ndjeka: La femme rurale de Luadanda face au défi de l’autonomisation et du développement : nécessite d’un plaidoyer. Stavros Nikolaïdis: Dialogue and Didacticism in the Teaching of History: Ibn Tufail, Miltiades Vratsanos and developments in Educational Theory. ΜΙSCELLANEA: 1. Michael Knüppel: Tocharische Substratfragen II: Die Frage des drāviḍischen Substrats – aus dem Briefwechsel zwischen Karl Heinrich Menges und Wolfgang Krause. 2. Michael Knüppel: The writings of Robert Shafer. 3. Michael Knüppel: A. Yakup und der Niedergang der altturkologischen Forschung. 4. Dimitry Nikolay Sargsyan: Applied art of Urartu, the roots of its ethnic rise. REVIEW ARTICLES. BOOK REVIEWS. OBITUARIES:1. Metropolit of Leontopolis Dionysius (1929-2012), 2. Moham-med Arkoun (1928-2010), 3. Foulath Hadid (1937-2012), 4. David Lewis James (1941-2012), 5. Albert Kenneth Cragg (1913-2012). CHRONICLES: 1. Université d’Athènes, Séminaire des 10, 11 & 12 décembre 2012, « Les soulèvements dans le monde arabo-musulman : questions de sécurité et de stabilité en Méditerranée ». 2. Literate & Learned. Brill: 330 Years of Typography in the Service of Scholarship. Exhibition 10 November 2012 to 19 May 2013.

Volume 22 (2013), 314 pp.

Michael Knüppel: Über die Schutzgottheiten im Kolophon des manichäi- schen Pothī-Buchs. Χρήστος Π. Μπαλόγλου: Η ιεραποστολική δραστηριότητα και η διάδοση του Χριστιανισμού στη Μέση Ανατολή: Η περίπτωση της Κύπρου [=Christos P. Baloglou: The Mission Activity and the Spread of Christianity in Near East: The Case of Cyprus. Kineene wa Mutiso: The Stylistic Devices in the Archetypal Kasida ya Burudai. Muritala Kewuyemi Kareem & Khalid Ishola Bello: Market Practices in Islam. Amidu Sanni & Hakeem Salmon: Between Sukaynah bint al-Ḥusayn (d. 117/735) and Fadwā Ṭūqān (d.1424/2003): Critical Elements in Feminine Poetical and Critical Tradition. Mikail Adebisi Folorunsho: The Portrait of Shaykh ’Ādam ʽAbdullāh ’Al-’Ilūrī (1917-1992) in an Arabic Threnody of Nigerian Provenance. Yaseen Kittani:  Thematic Structure in the Novel Rama and the Dragon by al-Kharrāṭ. Sotiris S. Livas: From Erdoğanism to “The Corruption of the Turkish Example”: AKP, Erdoğan and the Tahrir Square Revolt in the Arab Press. Badibanga Kantshiama: Le profil sociolinguistique de Kananga des origines à nos jours (1881-2010). Essai de reconstitution de faits linguistiques par le biais de l’histoire. Muritala Kewuyemi Kareem & Khalid Ishola Bello: Evaluation of Market Practices in South-Western Nigeria in the Light of Kitābu-l-buyū‘ in Al-Jazairi’s Minhājul-Muslim. Stany Vwima – Jean-Luc Mastaki – Philippe Lebailly: L’impact du commerce frontalier des produits alimentaires avec le Rwanda sur la réduction de la pauvreté des ménages de la ville de Bukavu (Sud-Kivu). Kizobo O’bweng-Okwess: De la modernité écornée à la modernité rêvée en République Démocratique du Congo : L’Odyssée d’une écriture romanesque. Justine Hitimana & Aimable Kadafi: L’inculcation de l’idéologie du génocide sous le régime de Grégoire Kayibanda au Rwanda (1961-1973). Justine Hitimana: Le génocide perpètre contre les Tutsi au Rwanda en 1994 et la communauté internationaleJustin Mukandila Matshimba: Esquisse d’une réflexion sur la problématique de l’hygiène hospitalière a l’hôpital provincial du Kasaï-Occidental en 2012. Étienne Lock: L’Art comme Écriture en Afrique noire. ΜΙSCELLANEA: 1. Michael Knüppel: Überlegungen zu Lock- und Scheuchrufen für Tiere in tungusischen Sprachen und Dialekten. 2. Kineene wa Mutiso: Enigmas as a Mirror of Society: The Case of the Swahili. OBITUARIES:  1. Peter Garlake (1934-2011). 2. Aziz Batran (1941-2011). 3. Martin Bernal (1937-2013). 4. Ahmed Etman (1945-2013). IN MEMORY OF PAST ORIENTALISTS ΑΝD AFRICANISTS: 1. A.F.L. Beeston (1911-1995). 2. Jamal-Eddine Bencheikh (1930-2005). 3. F. Clark Howell (1925-2007). 4. Harold G. Marcus (1933-1999). 5. Richard B. Nunoo (-2007). CΟNGRESSES. BOOK REVIEWS.

Volume 23 (2014), 497 pp.

Michael Knüppel: Verwandtschaftstermini des Armanischen. Χρήστος Π. Μπαλόγλου: Η ιεραποστολή στη Mέση Ανατολή: Ο ευαγγελιστής και απόστολος Μάρκος βάσει των μαρτυριών της Καινής Διαθήκης [Christos P. Baloglou: Die Mission in Orient. Der Evangelist und Apostel Markus anhand der Zeugnisse des Neuen Testaments]. Hassan Badawy: The four Arab Rashidun Caliphs were only three! First Approach. Abjar Bahkou: Discerning the True Religion in the Apologetical Discourses of Gerasimus. Michael Knüppel und Aloïs van Tongerloo: Nachrichten aus den Anfängen der archäologischen und philologischen Zentralasienforschung. 1) Nachtrag zur Edition der Briefe des Turkologen, Archäologen und Ethnologen Albert von Le Coq an Willi Bang Kaup aus den Jahren 1909-1914. 2) Sieben Briefe C. Salemanns an F. C. Andreas (aus den Jahren 1895-1910). Dragana Amedoski & Gordana Garić Petrović: Zagrlata: from Serbian Župa to Ottoman Nâhiye. Amidu Sanni: From Goldziher to al-Musawi: a Reassessment of the Theoretical Discourse on the Ancients (Qudamā’) and the Moderns (Muḥdathūn). Mubarak Ademola Noibi: The Institution of Waqf as an Instrument of Peace and Security in Nigeria. Ganiyat Adejoke Adesina-Uthman: Infrastructural Development Challenges in Emerging Nations: Sukuk (Islamic Bonds) Solution. G.I.K. Tasie:Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Indigenous Africa. Sotirios S. Livas: State Structuring, International Law and Interventions of the International Community: the African Paradigm. Kizobo O’bweng-Okwess : Le Paléo environnement de la ville de Lubumbashi : Une relecture de « Deux Ans au Katanga » de Marc de Montpellier d’Annevoie. Justin Mukandila Matshimba : Facteurs socio-économiques face aux problèmes d’accessibilité aux soins dans un milieu rural. Ombeni Kikukama Monzat : L’énonciation à travers le roman Allah n’est pas obligé d’Ahmadou Kourouma. S. C.-G. Assogba – R. C. Tossou – Ph. Lebailly : Influence des représentations sociales de l’environnement sur l’adoption des pratiques durables de production. Une contribution à partir du système de production de coton biologique au Bénin. Etienne Lock : La problématique de l’intellectuel en Afrique noire hier et aujourd’hui. Damien Muteba Kalala Roger Ntoto Philippe Lebailly : Comporte-ments et pratiques alimentaires à Kinshasa. Un rapprochement  entre les conditions de vie et les modes de consommation alimentaires des  ménages. Fidèle Edhebhua Sojobho : Mythologie de la lutte contre la corruption en République Démocratique du Congo. Adejoro Raheem Mustapha: Exposition of the Importance of Salāt (Mus-lim Devotional Worship) as an Advocate of Universal Unity. Justine Hitimana: Le génocide perpétré contre les Tutsi en 1994 au Rwanda : une réalité politique des extrémistes Hutu. Marcel Mahdila Wamona: Prévalence des parasitoses intestinales au Centre Hospitalier Presbytérien de Moma (Luisa, Kasaï Occidental, R.D. du Congo). Vwima Stany- Jean-Luc Mastaki – Philippe Lebailly : La traversée : analyse des risques et obstacles frontaliers à l’approvisionnement alimentaire des ménages de la ville de Bukavu (Sud-Kivu) au District de Rusizi (Rwanda). Kineene wa Mutiso: Sexism in Forbidden Language: The Case of Kiswahili and English. ΜΙSCELLANEA: 1. Michael Knüppel: Eurasiatisch? 2. Michael Knüppel: Zu den Corrigenda im uigurischen Insadi-Sūtra. 3. Hassan Badawy: Stations, forms and means of diachronic communication between Greek and Arabic language. Cultural dimension then and now. 4. Pascal Ally Hussein: Chinua Achebe: The Politics of Re(re)ading the Canon, and the Ethics of Writing Back. 5. Kineene wa Mutiso: Number Symbolism in World Religions: The Case of Number Seven. REVIEW ARTICLE: Michael Knüppel: Eine Bibliographie zum „Runentürkisch-en”. BOOK REVIEWS.

Volume 24 (2015), 545 pp.

Δανιήλ ‘L Σαχας: «Θρησκειoλoγικές» νύξεις στόν Γέρovτα ^ρφύρω τόν Καυσoκαλυβίτη, τόν οσω [= Daniel. I. Sahas, “Historico-religious” allusions in geron-starets Porfyrios Kausokalyvites, the blessed one]. Kizobo O’bweng- Okwess: L’Africain subsaharien dans l’iconographie byzantine. Mohammad Said: De la tribu à la famille en période préislamique: Quelques conclusions méthodologiques. Nader Masrwah, Between Al-Fasila Al-Qur’aniyah and Saj’ in the Qur’an. Yehudit Dror, A Definition of the Term ‘ihtisas in Arabic. Stéphane Pradines, Le Qalat al-Qabsh et les forteresses abbasides d’Égypte. Olayinka Kudus Amuni: Al-Hayqutan’s reposte to Jarir’s caustic tongue: Issues in African response to Racism in Arabic poetry. Mohamed Ouerfelli, Sugar Production and Exportation in Crete at the End of the Middle Ages (15th Century). Theofanis Malkidis: Family and Woman’s Position in the Muslim Society of Greek Thrace. Christos P. Baloglou: Christophoros, the scholarly Patriarch and Pope of Alexandria (1939-1966), as nation leading personality. Abass Umar Mohammed: Is the Imam Communicating? An Assessment of the Functional Purpose of Arabic Sermons in Ghanaian Mosques. George Tasie: Pitfalls in the Study of African Traditional Religion. Mona Doher: Exposure of the Female Body and Lesbianism in Samar Yazbek’s Novel: Ra ‘ihat al-Qirfa / The Scent of Cinnamon. Eman Helmy El-Meligi: “The Fateful Triangle”, Hermeneutically Decon-structed: A Comparative Reading of Language, Media and Politics in Noam Chomsky and Abdelwahab Elmessiri. Amidu Sanni: The Power of Authority and the Authority of Power in Muslim West Africa: a Narrative from Nigeria. Adetola Oye: Réflexion socioculturelle à travers les proverbes Yoru-ba traduits en français. George O. Folarin: Managing Conflict among Disciples (Luke 17:1-10) in the Nigerian Church Context. J. H. Enemugwem and George I.K. Tasie, From the Forebears to Living Elders: Oral Traditions and the Study of African Indigenous Religion. Emmanuel Oladipo Ojo: Nigeria, 1914-2014: From Creation to Cremation. Mahmud Adesina Ayuba: An Evaluation of the Relationship between Science and Islam: A Case Study of Genetic Engineering. Hervé Bonaventure Mêtonmassé Gbenahou – Marc Poncelet – Roch Lambert Mongbo: Des annonces aux vécus du partenariat à Cobly: horizontalité et égalité limitées, pouvoirs et asymétries socialisés. Stavros Nikolaidis: ‘That Word and the Fictional Representation of The Other – A Cultural, Anthropological and Linguistic Perspective. MISCELLANEA (by Michael Knuppel & Aloïs van Tongerloo): 1. Lock- und Scheuchrufe fur Tiere im Amharischen. 2. Corrigendum zu JOAS 23. 2014, pp. 85-100. 3. Viel Licht und wenig Erleuchtung – noch einmal zu admuz ros(a)n t(a)yri. 4. Ein vergessener Beitrag Theodor Nôldekes. 5. Er-gânzungen und Kommentare zu James Patrick Mallory/ Victor H. Mair „The Tarim mummies. Ancient China and the mystery of the earliest peoples from the West”. 6. Nochmals zur Edition der Briefe Albert von Le Coq’s an Willi Bang Kaup. 7. Ûber die Schutzgottheiten im Kolophon des manichâischen Pothï-Buchs (II). BOOK REVIEWS. OBITUARY: Clifford Edmund Bosworth (1928-2015). EVENTS AND CONGRESSES.

Volume 25 (2016), 559  pp.

Abdulhadi Alajmi: Towards a Discovery of the Political Culture of Tribal Leadership in the First Century of Islam: Shabath b. Ribī‘ al-Tamimī. -Alexios G.C. Savvides: Notes on the History of Kephallenia/Cephalo-nia/Kefalinia-Keffalonia/Djefalunia/Kefalonya-Kifalonya in the Byzantine and post-Byzantine Periods. –Aloïs van Tongerloo – Michael Knüppel: Schriftenverzeichnis Hans Hein-rich Schaeder. –Michael Knüppel – Aloïs van Tongerloo: Nachträge zur Edition der Briefe von H. Winkler an W. Bang-Kaup. -Gary Leiser: A Khuba in the Name of Sultan Maḥmūd II: An Αrabic Sermon to an Uncomprehending Congregation. –Eman Helmy El-Meligi:  A Contrapuntal, Ecocritical Reading of Abysmal Return in Contemporary Middle Eastern and Native American Fiction. –Mona Daher: The Artistic, Stylistic and Linguistic Techniques in Samar Yazbek’s Novel: Ra’ihat al-Qifra / Scent of Cinnamon. –Christos P. Baloglou: Aristotle and Ethiopia. A Contribution of the 2400th Years Anniversary from Aristotle’s Birthday. –Germaine Furaha – Jean-Luc Mastaki – Philippe Lebailly: L’impact des activités non agricoles sur la pauvreté et l’inégalité rurales dans les groupements Bugorhe et Irhambi-Katana (Territoire de Kabare, Province du Sud-Kivu). –Bertus de Villiers: Divided together – Asymmetrical Autonomy of Muslim Communities in Aceh and Bangsomoro and possible Lessons for Accommodating Minorities within Existing Sovereign Borders. –Nestor Alopkaï, Roch L. Mongbo, Augustin Aoudji: Les interventions des projets de développement en zone rurale sur les terres de barre du plateau d’Abomey : typologie, approches et perceptions de leur impact sur la ré-duction de la pauvreté. –Goke Akinboye: Revisiting the Values ofOmoluwabi and Virtues of Aristotle: Accelerating the African/Yoruba Communitarian Efflorescence. –‘Abdalla Tarabieh & Nader Masarwah: A Comparative Study of Ibn Shuhayd and al-Ḥarizi. –Taiwo Moshood Salisu:Contextualizing the Islamic Mystical Therapy towards Ante-Natal Management: An Exploratory Survey of the Muslim Women in South-West Nigeria. –Pascal Ally Hussein: Essai d’une critique philosophique africaine de l’uni-versalité de laDéclaration Universelle des Droits de l’Homme. –Blandine Nsombo Mosombo: État nutritionnel des sols sous les grandes parcelles végétales d’Ibi village au plateau des Bateke en République Démocratique du Congo. –Jimoh Mufutau Oluwasegun: The Development of Islam in the Eastern Section of Lagos: Epe in Perspective. –Katsuva Ngitsi: A Pragmatic Study of the Written Language of Taxi-Drivers on Mini-Buses in Goma at the Aftermath of M23 War. –Marcel Mahdila Wamona : Prévalence de la césarienne au Centre Hospitalier Presbytérien de Moma. –Hamad Muhammad Al-Qahtani: The Historical Dimension of the Archaeological Sites in Kuwait. –Yaseen Kittani: Maze, Admixture and Chaos:Suffocations of Love and Morning. –Oladosu Olusegun: Ifa Indigenous Drum as an Aesthetic Symbol in Ritual Expression of the Osogbo People. –George O. Folarin: The Practice and Problem of Prophetic Ministry in Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria in Relation with Church Growth. –Muammer İskenderoğlu: Khojazāda’s Tahāfut al-Falāsifah: A Critical Evaluation. -MISCELLANEA: 1. Michael Knüppel: Ein Exkurs zur (Vor-)Geschichte der Sprachvergleichung. 2.Michael Knüppel: Corrigenda zu SEC 20, 2015, pp. 127-134. 3. Michael Knüppel: Nachlese zur alttürkischen Mantik. 4.Michael Knüppel: Noch einmal zum Diŋ-liŋ-Problem – eine Randbemerkung. 5. Alexios G.C. Savvides: Notes on the History of Ithaca (Ithake/Theachi/Val de Compar/ Serfent/ Faskyu/Siyaki) in the Byzantine and post-Byzantine Periods. 6.Αλέξιου Γ.ΚΣαββίδηΠαναγιώτης Γερ. Βατικιώτης [=Alexios G.C. Savvides: Panayiotis Jer. Vati-kiotis]. 7. Angeliki Georgiou Kompocholi: Greek and Moroccan folktales: Some comparative remarks. -BOOK REVIEWS. -OBITUARIES: 1. Patrick Chabal (1951-2014). 2) Jamilah Kolocotronis (1956-2013). A Greek Convert to Islam. 3) Patrick Abram Seale (1930-2014). 4) Wolfhart P. Heinrichs (1941-2014). 5) A.K. Narain (1925-2013) 6. William J. Foltz (1936-2013). 7) Warren L. d’Azevedo (1920-2014). 8) Gerd Baumann (1953-2014). –CΟNGRESSES (2015-2016): 1. Die Arbeitstagung „Eine untergegangene Weltreligion: der Manichäismus im Spiegel seiner Buch- und Schriftkultur” (Göttingen, 11.-12. März 2015) (Michael Knüppel). 2. International Association for Coptic Studies (IACS). 11th International Congress of Coptic Studies Claremont Graduate University, California, USA, July 25-30, 2016.


Volume 26 (2017), 485  pp.

Faisal Sayed Taha Hafiz: Huang Chao Revolution in China as related by Islamic Sources and its Impact on the Activity of Arab Merchants in China in the Third Century AH/Ninth Century AD. Stéphane Pradines: The Medieval Mosques of Nora. Islamic Architecture in Ethiopia. Theophanis Malkidis: Old and New Eastern Question: The Greek Genocide (1908-1924). Sultan Falah Meteb AlAsquah: The Conditions prevailing in Kuwait during the Suez War in 1956 through some Eyewitnesses. The British Political Representative in Kuwait G. W. Bell, Ahmed AlKhateeb and John Daniels as a Model. Sotirios S. Livas: Community Belonging as a Substitute to the Migrants’ Double Absence Malaise: Hizmet in Exile. NourMohamed AlHabshi: The US attitude towards the 1954 Saudi-    Onassis Deal. (Through US documents). Stefanos Kordosis: The Hephthalite Kingdom in Central Asia: Society, State and Relations with the Byzantine Empire and the Role of the Black Sea Nations. Hussein Hamzah: Intertextual Use of Myths in Maḥmūd Darwīsh’s Poetry. Hanan Bishara: Prostitution and Body Writing in the ‘Arab Women Literature and the Intensification of the Motif of Sex: Nawal al-Sa’dawi’s Novels as a Sample.

Stéphane Pradines, Swahili Past in Peril. New Archaeology in East Africa. Antonis Chaldeos: The Greek Community in Mozambique and its Role to the Agricultural Development of the Country between 1910 and 1950. Hervé Bonaventure Mêtonmassé Gbenahou : La qualité des eaux de l’île d’Agonvè au Bénin. George O. Folarin: The Theology and Practice of Christ Apostolic Church on Divine Healing in Context. Samson O. Olanisebe – Fola T. Lateju: The Role of Religion in the Making of the Nigerian State. Yamba Tshisungu Kantu, Changement climatique et délimitation spatiale des zones vulnérables à l’aide de la télédétection – Étude du cas de l’espace urbain de Kananga (Kasaï Central/R.D. Congo).  

Katsuva Ngitsi: Obscdenity and Vulgarity in the Language of Ayi Kwei Armah’s the Beautyful (sic) Ones are not yet born: a Pragmatic Outlook.

  1. Makolo: Profils épidémiologique et clinique des péritonites aiguës généralisées à l’Hôpital Gécamines sud à Lubumbashi en République Démocratique du Congo. Mohammed Abdullah Alqadahat: Receptions and Official Celebrations in Baghdad during the Late Abbasid Era (550-656 H /1155-1258 AD).

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