Volume 1 (1989), 250 pp.

Mahmound Elsaadani: Egyptian and Egyptianizing objects from the Peloponnese of the 1st Millennium B.C. Michael Breydy: La personne controversce de Leonce et ses pseudepigraphes. Kizobo Ο’bweng Okwess: Le recrutement des soldats Negro-africains par les Musulmans de VIIIe au ΧΙΙe siècle. Alexis G. C. Savvides: The Kleinchroniken on Byzantium’s Re1ations with the Seljuks and on the Oriental Frankish Kingdom’s Relations with Saladin and the Mameluks (A.D. 1067-1291). Paul Hidiro­glou: Der Arabische Herrscher Ιqrit von Kreta. Αθανασίου Θ. Φωτοπούλου: Οι δραγομάνοι του Μορέως. Yamba Bandeja: Dynamique socio-politique et contraintes économiques: Continuités et ruptures des identités ethnopolitiques d’Afrique Centrale, XVI-XIXe siècles. Guy De Plaen – Kawende Fina: Un collier de chef Luba. Ngila Bompeti: Le contexte de production de la palabre chez les Bolia. George Kallistratos - Ursula Kallistratos: Fruit-trees against hunger. Mukuri Melchior: Le rôle de I’église catholique et de I’état dans la fabrication d’une identité dans le Burundi colonial. Michael Peyni Noku: Domination and Alienation: Setting in some francophone African Novels.

Volume 2 (1990), 320 pp.

C. Lambrou - Phillipson: Cypriot and Levantine Pottery from House AD Center at Pseira, Crete. Ahmed Etman: Isis in the Greco-roman World with a special reference to Plutarch’s treatise «Περί ΄Ισιδος και Οσίριδος». Jobannes Irmscer: Die Juden im Ostgotenreich. Κizobo O’bweng-Okwess: L’apρort ethnographique, géographique et historique des voyages apostoliques de Julianus et de Longin­us dans la Haut-Nil au VIe siècle. Michael Breydy: Das Chronikon des Maroniten Theophilos ibn Tuma. Alexis G. C. Savvides: Morea and Islam, 8th-15th centuries: a Surνey. Φλορίν Μαρινέσκου: Νικόλαος «Μιλέσκου», ένας Ελληνο-ρουμάνος λόγιος του l7oυ αι. και το ταξίδι του στην Κίνα. Anna Tabaki: L’édition arabo-grecque de la Géographie d’Abulfeda par Dimitrios Alexandridis (1807) et sa ‘fortune’ au début du ΧΙΧe siècle. Κωνσταντίνου Θ. Κυριακοπούλου: O περιηγητής Π. Ποταγός (1839-1903). Dimitri Κitsikis: La Grèce et 1a Turquie en 1971-1976 face au conflit Israe1o-arabe du temps de Κissinger. Cosmas Megalommatis: L’Union Soνietique et les évènements en Chypre en juillet et août 1974. Haddad Adnan - lpo-Abelela Μ.: L’arabe et Ιe swahili, propos sur le contact des langues en Afrique. Guy de Plaen: Art et écriture, Les dessins graphiques.

Volumes 3-4 (1991-1992), 320 pp.

C. Edmund Bosworth: Byzantium and the Arabs: war and peace between two wor1d civilisations. Θεοδώρου Χ. Σαρικάκη: Ή ίδρυσις ελληνικών πόλεων στην Ανατολή από τον Μ. Αλέξανδρο. Michael Breydy: Christlich-orientalische Handschriftenkataloge. Ahmed Etman: Classical studies and their influencc upon creative literature in Egypt and the Arab World. Alexis G. C. Savvides: Seventh-fif­teenth century Islamic history as portrayed in Greek Byzantine History manuals. Α bibliographicaI surνey. Αθανασίου Θ. Φωτοπούλου: Συμπληρωματικά στα περί Δραγομάνων του Μορέως. L. Α. Ogunbiyi: Α record of a commentary sighting in a 19th century West African Arabic work by Muhammad Bello b. Uthman b. Fudi (1779-1837 A.D.). Adnan Haddad: Les noirs d’Afrique dans les ‘‘Versets Sataniques’’ de Salman Rushdie. Eronini Ε. Egbujor: Le couρΙe imaginaire negro-africain: mission dans la lutte pour un développement Soutenu de l’Afrique (une approche sociologique). Kitengie Mulemba-a­-Mwembo: La désignation de Dieu chez les Songye. Lukenga Emundu: Les interνentions soviétiques dans les crises du Zaίre. Cas de la première République (1960-1965). Κizobo O’bweng-Okwess: Les differents acceptions des termes ‘Aithiopia’ et ‘Aithiopes’ dans la Topographie Chretienne de Cosmas Indicopleu­stes. Κωνστ. Φ. Λουκέρη: Η ιμπεριαλιστική πολιτική της Ιταλίας στην Αβησσυνία (1885-1914). Benjamin Hendrickx: The ancien origin of the Lemba (Mwenye). Α criticaI overνiew of the existing theories. George: I. Kalliistratos - Ioanna-Maria G. Kallistratos:The Kallidendron method as a contribution to the 2nd Green Revolution.

Volume 5 (1993), 198 pp.

Θεοδώρου Χ. Σαρικάκη: Μικρασιατικές επιγραφές [= Theodore Chr. Sarikakis: Inscriptions of Asia Μinor). Rashad Khouri Odetallah: Οι πολιορκίες και η άλωση των Συρακουσών από τους ΄Αραβες [= The sieges and the capture of Syracusae by the Arabs). Aλέξη Γ. Κ. Σαββίδη: Ομάρ Καγιάμ και Νιζάμ αλ-Μουλκ: από τις υψηλότερες στιγμές του μουσουλμανικού πολιτιστικού μεσαίωνα [= Alexis G. C. Savvides: Omar Khayyam and Nizam al-Mulk: Among the peak moments of the Moslem cultural Middle Ages). David Nicolle: Wounds, military surgery and the reality of Crusading warfare; the evidence of Usamah’s memoires. Μ. G. Varvounis: Α contribution tο the study of influences of Christian upon Moslem customs in popular worship. Aθαvασίου Θ. Φωτοπούλου: Ελληνική μετάφρασις της Τουρκικής Γραμματικής του Fr. Meninski κατά τον ΙΗ΄ αιώνα [= Athanasius Th. Photopoulos: Α Modern Greek translation of Fr. Meninski’s Turkish Grammar). J. Th. Mazis: The Armenian question: a challenge for geopolitical analysis. Bandeya Yamba: Identités sociales et formation politique du Shaba (ex-Katanga), Zaϊre, 1900-1980.

Volume 6 (1994), 208 pp.

Κοσμά Μεγαλομμάτη: Η ευρύτερη περιοχή της Ανατολικής Μεσογείου κατά τον 13ο και τον 12ο αιώνα και οι Λαοί της Θάλασσας [= Cosmas Megalommatis: La Méditerranée Orientale pendant le 13eme et le 12eme siècles avant notre ère et les Peuples de la Mer). Hamad Μ. Bin Seray: Alexander the Great in the Islamic accounts and in the Classical sources: a comparative study. Amidu Sanni: Α general survey of a philological tradition: patterns and models in Arabic lexicography. Johannes Irmscher: Das byzantinische Pergamon. Μ. G. Varvounis: Α contribution to folk songs research on Pomacs in the area of Xanthe (Thrace/Greece). Buenzey Maluenga Zolua: Le marxisme et la philosophie africaine: réflexions prospectives. Josias Semujanga: Chaka de Mofolo: naissance d’une figure littéraire à double facette. Kalele-ka-Bila: Les Basongye face à la législation coloniale belge sur 1a chasse et le commerce. Rose Folli: Jeremy Cronin – Inside. Isolation, communication and fellowship.

Volume 7 (1995), 212 pp.

Maria Campagnolo-Pothitou: Les échanges des prisonniers entre Byzance et I’Islam aux 1Χe et Χe siècles. Michel Dion - Wan Zawawi Ibrahim: Joint ventures between Canadian companies and Malaysian business corporations; an ethical outlook. Ioannis Th. Mazis: Α geopolitical analysis on the issue of the water reserνes ίη Middle East. George Michalakopoulos: The succession of power in Qatar presages new developments or was it another family dispute? Θεοδώρου Χ. Σαρικάκη: Η Κίνα και ο λαός της κατά τους ‘Έλληνες και Λατίνους συγγραφείς [= Theodore Chr. Sarikakis: China according to Greek and Latin authors). Michael Breydy: Eine neue Methode, die Originalfassung syrischer Hymnen zu bestimmen. Ergänzungen zum Problem der verschiede­nen Ephraem-Versionen. Maduabuchi Dukor: Rationality of an African science. Biyoya Makutu Kahandja: Les aspects oublies de Ι’integration économique africaine. Musasa Kabobo: Réflexion sur la prolifération des sectes religieuses a Lubumbashi.

Volume 8 (1996), 212 pp.

Rusen Esref  Ünaydin: Sur la civilisation de 1a Grèce Antique. Christos Ρ. Baloglou - Anestis C. Constanti­nidis: The treatise ‘Oecοnοmicus’ of the neo-pythagorean Bryson and its influence οn Arab-Islamic economic thought. Zakariyau Ι. Oseni: Further light on Jarir’s encomia for Al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf. Alexis G. C. Savvides: Acropolites and Gregoras οn the Byzantine-Seljuk confrontation at Antioch-on-the Maeander (A.D. 1211). English translation and commentary. Ν. Nicoloudis: Byzantine historians on the wars of Timur (Tamer1ane) in Central Asia and the Middle East. Η. Kandler: The meaning of the Seven Sleepers’ worship for the Islamic popular belief, especially for the voluntary pilgrimage (ziyara). Kangitsi Katembo: Les causes des conflits du pοuνοir politique traditionnel dans les collectivités-chefferies des Wanande du Nord-Kivu. Ziba Maya: Bibliothèque publique pour indigènes in Elisabethville 1946-1960. Rappel bibliographique et réflexions. W. Ο. Wotogbe - Weneka: The fundamentals of indigenous African religion of the Ιkwerre, Nigeria. F. Ν. Ndubuisi: Αn evaluation of socialism in ancient Africa with emphasis on the works of Julius Nyerere and Kwame Nkrumah. Rose Folli: Dennis Brutus: Α voice from Robben Island.

Volume 9 (1997-1998), 220 pp.

Anupa Pande:Aesthetic experience: a comparison of Greek and Indian theοries. Kizobo O’bweng-Okwess: Les combattants “corbeaux” dans De bellis Lybicis de Flaνius Cresconius Cοrippus. Zhang Xu-shan: China and the Graeco-Roman world: their approaches to each other through the Silk Road before the 3rd century AD. Ahmed Etman: Greek into Latin through Arabic. Μ. Tahar Mansouri: Vie portuaire à Tunis au Bas Moyen-age (XII-Xve siècle). M.G. Varvounis: Christian and Islamic parallel cultural traditions in the popular culture of the Balkan people. Michael Κnüppel: Zur Herkunft der Bezeichnung “Karamanen /Karamanier” für die Turkophonen Orthodoxen Anatoliens. Η. Bambounis: Rapports sur les maghrébins dans les Archiνes Ηistοriques d’Hydra (1778-1832).  Michel Dion: Α typology of value-οrientatiοns as applied in the business world. Mfumu-Ngoy Kadyambi: Du proto-bantu au songye: analyse diachronique du système phonologique. J. Ι. Unah: Bantu ontology and its implications for African socio-economic and political institutions. Michael Peyni Noku: Du peuple messianique à l’armée salvatrice: Le dernier de l’empire dans l’oeuvre d’Ousmane Sembene.

Volume 10 (1999), 220 pp.

Aθανασίου Θ. Φωτοπούλου, Ο Joseph vοn Hammer-Purgstall και η συμβολή του στις ανατολικές σπουδές. [=Athanasius Th. Pbotopoulos, Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall and his contribution to Oriental studies]. Amidu Sanni: The authority of tradition and the tradition of authority: Originality and imitation in Arabic and early classical theoretical discourse. Dauda S. Garuba: Α historical examination of Shaikh Salih Yahya’s Quasidah οn “Auchi Centre”. Ο. Ε. Alana: Demons in the first century Christian era and Υoruba society of  today. F. Ν. Ndubuisi: The ethical foundation of crime and punishment in Uzuakoli ancient community. Buenzey Maluenga Zolua: Developpement en Afrique: ideologie οu postulat. Alexis Karangira: Le français dans la politique linguistique du Ζaϊre. Ρ. Davarinos: Die historische Theorie der Zwischenregion im Osten und Westen. Alexis G. C. Savvides: Notes on Zaghanos Pasha’s career.

Volume 11 (2000-2002), 256 pp.

Αθανασίου Θ. Φωτοπούλου, Η συμβολή των Ελλήνων στις αραβι­κές και ισλαμικές σπουδές από το 1453 έως σήμερα [=Athanasius Th. Photopoulos, The contribution of the Greeks to Arabic and Islamic studies from 1453 to the present]. Anne Regourd: Le jet de coquillages divinatoire en Islam arabe et en Afrique subsaharienne: Première contribution à une étude comparative. Michael Κnüppel: Zum Problem der türkischen Bibelübersetzung des Hans Ungand vοn Sonnek (1493-1564).  Μ. Tahar Mansouri: Les femmes d’origine byzantine /les Roumiyyat sous les Abbassides: Une approche onomastique. Ralf ΜüΙΙer: Die Kunst, deη Geist durch Reisen zu Bilden. Das rast­lose Leben des Adam von Schlieben.  Alexios G. C. Savvides: Notes on the Ghazi warriors of the Muslim faith in the Middle Ages.

Volume 12 (2003), 293 pp.

Benjamin Hendrickx: The basileis of Axum: Lexicon of the Greek Axumite epigraphic documents. Evangelos Venetis: Some notes on the Zoroastrian clergy’s policy and the Sasanian – Roman struggle (3rd cent.). Amidu Sanni: Al-Tawhidi’s “Epistle on the sciences”: An epistemological study of the section on balāgha  (rhetoric). M. G. Varvounis: Balkan dimensions and Moslem variations at the custom of “Tzamala” in Thrace. Alexios G. C. Savvides: Notes on the Ionian Islands and Islam in the Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods (Arab and Ottoman raids). Christos P. Baloglou: The economic thought of Ibn Khaldoun (1332-1406) and Georgios Gemistos Plethon (1355-1452): Some comparative parallels and links. Amal Ali Mazher: Intertextual subversions and appropriations in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, Shawqi’s The death of Cleopatra and Etman’s Cleopatra loves peace. Dimitris Michalopoulos: The European Union, Turkey and Greece: A historical approach. Recep Boztemur: De-radicalization of political Islam in the Middle East: The case of the Egyptian Brotherhood. Anna Akasoy: Aspects of history, identity and gender in Nedim Gürsel’s Boğazkesen. George Michalopoulos: Tensions between Greece and Turkey during the 1840’s: An Ottoman diplomat against a Greek premier. Anaclet Kitengie Mulemba-a-Muembo / Benj. Ngongo M. Tchite: L’esclavage dans la société traditionnelle songye (des origines à 1870). Alexis Karangira: Shaba deux: Le christianisme en question. Jeanne Nyirahabimana: «La fille dans l’impasse»: Étude socio-sémiotique d’un conte rwandais. Christos P. Baloglou: Schumpeter’s “GAP”. Medieval Islamic and Byzantine economic thought.  Κωνσταντίνος Κουϊμάνης: Οι περιπέτειες του Ουεναμούν [Konstantinos Kouimanis: Wenamoun’s adventures].

Volume 13 (2004).  (Proceedings of the 1st International Congress of Oriental and African Studies), 378 pp.

Γρηγόριος Ζιάκας: Αραβικός και Ισλαμικός πολιτισμός και η σχέση του με τον Ελληνισμό [=Gregorios D. Ziakas: Arabic and Islamic civilization and its   relationship to Hellenism]. Χρίστος Δημητρουλόπουλος: Κοινοί τόποι ανάμεσα στα παραμύθια της Χαλιμάς και στα πρωτονεοελληνικά μυθιστορήματα [=Christos Dimitroulopoulos: The borrowing and adaptation of Arabic tales by the writers of Byzantine - post-Byzantine romances and poems]. Hesham M. Hassan: Το ποίημα του Αμπού Ταμμάμ και η άλωση του Αμορίου το 838 μ.Χ. [=The poem of Abū Tammām about the fall of Amorium in 838 A.D.]. Ali Mansour al-Shehab: The Hijra and its effects of the social changes on the Arabs. Kizobo O’Bweng – Okwess; Le témoignage d’Haroun ibn-Yahya sur les gardiens chrétiens noirs au Palais Impérial à Constantinople au Xe siècle: Quelques réflexions critiques. Eυθύμιος Άσσος: Η Βέροια της Συρίας [=Euthymios Assos: The Veroia of Syria]. P.G. Fougias: Perspectives for an interreligious dialogue between Christians and Muslims. Dimitris Michalopoulos: L’Ιslam et Le Prince de Nicolas Machiavel. Χρήστος Γ. Τόλιος: Γάμος και διαζύγιο κατά το μουσουλμανικό Δίκαιο [=Christos  G. Tolios: Marriage and divorce in the Islamic Law]. Γρηγόρης Μπαϊρακτάρης: Η συναίρεση φιλοσοφίας, ψυχολογίας και μυστικισμού στο έργο του Τζελαλεντίν Ρούμι (1207-1273) [=Gregory Baïractaris: The syneresis of philosophy, psychology and mysticism in the works of Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273)]. Θεοδόσης Πυλαρινός: Ο «Μεβλανά ο εξαίσιος» του Ι. Μ. Παναγιωτόπουλου [=Theodossios Pylarinos: Mevlana the Excellent by I. M. Panayotopoulos]. Anna Akasoy: Interpretations of Seikh Badreddin’s rebellion in modern literature and historiography.  Iωάννης A. Κάππος: Παρατηρήσεις στο έργο του Ερημίτου (=μητρ. Δέρκων Ιακώβου) περί του Μωάμεθ [=Ioannis A. Kappos: Observations based on the study of religious reasoning by the Eremite (Jacob of Derkon), Mohammed: Mentor or Prophet?”]. Γιώργος Φρέρης: Η αναζήτηση ταυτότητας στις χώρες του Μαγκρέμπ [=George Freris, Searching for cultural identity in the countries of Maghreb]. Γιάννης Σακκάς: Οι ελληνο-αραβικές σχέσεις στη νεότερη εποχή [=John Sakkas: Greece and the Arab World in the Cold War Era. Strategy and Diplomacy. Αlexandra Photopoulou: L’enseignement de la langue arabe aux étudiants grecs. Ελένη Ψυχογιού: Η θρησκευτική και εθνοτική ετερότητα (Ασιάτες, Αφρικανοί, Οθωμανοί) ως δήλωση μεταφυσικής επιφάνειας στα τελετουργικά δημοτικά τραγούδια [=Eleni Psychoyiou: Ethnic Otherness as a Metaphysical Presence in Ritual Songs:Elmas Aga and Eleni]. Recep Boztemur: The state, nation and the prospects for democracy in the Middle East. Περσεφόνη Γιαννέλου: Το αραβικό στοιχείο στο έργο του Στρατή Τσίρκα [=Persephoni Yannelou: The Arabs in the work of Stratis Tsirkas]. Μαρία ΑρβανίτηΣωτηροπούλου: Ισλάμ: Φορέας ειρήνης ή κατακτητική δύναμη; [=Maria Arvaniti - Sotiropoulou: Islam: A  force  for peace or  a  provocative power?]. Χρήστος Κ. Ρέππας: Αναφορές στο Ισλάμ και ανατολικούς πολιτισμούς στο έργο του πολιτικού και διανοούμενου Σταύρου Κωστόπουλου (1899-1968) [=Christos K. Reppas: References to Islam and Oriental civilizations in the work of the politician and intellectual Stavros Kostopoulos (1899-1968)]. Ρένα Σπανού: Ελληνο-αραβικές σχέσεις και Τύπος [=Rhena Spanou: Current relations of Hellenism with the Arab and Islamic World]. Αθανάσιος Θ. Φωτόπουλος: Οι ΄Ελληνες στο Σουδάν κατά τον 19ο αιώνα [=Athanasius Th. Photopoulos: Greeks in Sudan in the 19thcentury]. George Delopoulos: The Byzantine diplomatic mission of Constantine (St. Cyril) to the Arabs in the 9th century.

Volume 14 (2005), 316 pp.

Benjamin Hendrickx: The Nubian and Blemmyan rulers and their states: Lexicon of terms used in their Greek royal, legal and socio-political inscriptions, graffiti and papyri (1st century AD – ca 1323 AD). Spyros D. Syropoulos: Religious parameters in the Orientalizing policies of Hellenistic rulers: the cases of Egypt and Judaea. Mame Sow Diouf: Stylistic study of the prayers of the Hajj: the aesthetic encounter between Arabs and Greeks. Michael Knüppel: Robert Paul Austerlitz (1923-1994) und seine Bedeutung für die nivchischen Studien. Γρηγόρης Μπαϊρακτάρης: Ο χορός των στροβιλιζόμενων δερβίσηδων και η σχέση του με κατάλοιπα ορφικών και διονυσιακών ιερουργιών στη Μικρά Ασία [=Grigoris Bairaktaris: The Whirling Dervishes dance and its relation with Orphic and Dionysian rites in Asia Minor]. Evangelia N. Georgitsoyanni: Greek masons in Africa: the case of the Carpathian masons in Morocco. Muammer İskenderoğlu: Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzi on the immateriality of the houman soul. Hessām M. Hāssan: Η αραβική γλώσσα: προκλήσεις και λύσεις [=The Arabic language: challenges and solutions]. Παναγιώτης Κ. Κουτουβάλας: Αἱ ἀραβοβυζαντιναὶ σχέσεις ἐν ταῖς ἐπιστολαῖς Νικολάου τοῦ Μυστικοῦ: μία ἀκόμη προσέγγισις [=Panaghiotes K. Koutou-valas:The Arab-Byzantine relations through the letters of Nikolas Mystikos: one more approach]. Faisal Abdulla Alkanderi: Khadim Sulaiman Pacha (d. 954h/1547). Mukadi Luaba Nkamba: Analyse critique des réactions des populations du Kasaï face à la pénétration du christianisme au XIXème siècle: cas des Luluwa et des Luba Lubilanji. John Osarumen Aghahowa – E.E.M. Ukpebor: The British colonial economic policies and Nigeria’s underdevelopment. Oladosu Afis. A.: “al-Sud” in African fiction: rethinking Ayi Armah and Ihsan Abdul Quddus. Σάββας ΠαπαπέτρουΜαρία Βλαχάδη: Η κοινωνική δομή της Κύπρου κατά την Οθωμανική περίοδο [Savvas Papapetrou & Maria Vlachadi: The social structure of Cyprus in the period of the Turkish domination]. MISCELLANEA: 1) Dimitris Michalopoulos: L’au delà dans la littérature slave et haïtienne: un survol.   2) Anastassios Koutsoukos: Didactique du grec ancien. 3) Anastassios Koutsoukos: Les idées psychologiques, pédagogiques et didactiques des philosophes de l’Antiquité grecque.

Volume 15 (2006), 394 pp.

Ali Durusoy: Ibn Sīnā’s Contributions to Classical Logic. Animashaun Ma’ruf S.: The Aspect of Philology in Al-Tawhidi’s Epistle on the Sciences. Sulayman Adeniran Shittu: Translation and Appraisal of Themes and Styles of Mānzumāt al-rijāl of ‘Ali b. Husayn Zaynul  – ‘Ābidīn. Reuven Snir: “Do not they and I share a Common Source?” Modern Arab-Jewish Culture, its Historical Background and Current Demise. M. Oloyede Abdul-Rahmon: Arabic Writing on Religious Tradition in Modern Society. Jeries Naim Khoury: Employment of Popular Proverbs in Modern Arabic Poetry (1945-1961).Oladosu Afis Ayinde: Bint Majdhūb and her “Sisters”: Identities and Paradoxes. Amidu Olelakan Sanni: Challenges and Realities in the Healing and Power-Accession Custom of the Yoruba Muslims of Nigeria. Manal Khedr: La Bibliothèque d’Alexandrie, symbole de dialogue, dans Les noces de la Nymphe des Bibliothèques de Ahmed Etman. Hessām M. Hāssan: Οι επιρροές του αρχαίου ελληνικού δράματος στο σύγχρονο αιγυπτιακό θέατρο [=The Influences of the Ancient Greek Drama on the Modern Egyptian Theater]. Κangitsi Katembo – Piema Nikobi: Les représentations des populations de la ville de Kananga sur les Banyamulenge de 1990 à 2005. Mukadi Luaba Nkamba: La question historique de l’éthique chrétienne du travail en République Démocratique du Congo. Matthew O. Iwuchukwu: Le français en milieu multilingue africain: le cas de Nigéria. Mpamba Kamba Kamba: Aspects sociolinguistiques et praxéologiques de la littérature negro-africaine écrite en français. Βασίλειος Δ. Σιακωτός: Ο διδάσκαλος Κανέλλος Σπανός (1700 περ.-1756) και το έργο του Γραμματική της τουρκικής γλώσσης (1730) [=Vassileios D. Siakotos: The Schoolmaster Canellos Spanos (circa 1700-1756) and his Work Γραμματική της τουρκικής γλώσσης (Grammar of the Turkish Language) 1730. Dimitris Michalopoulos: Congrès au Japon. Dimitris Michalopoulos: Chistianity and Islam: A misrepresented relationship. Desire Khasirikani Mbakwiravyo, Kamondo Matata, Kakule Bayala: Contribution à l’indentification des espèces de poissons larvivores pour la lutte biologique contre les moustiques aux environs des étangs piscicoles en R.D. Con-go. Tasos Oikonomou: Benedict XVI’s Reference to the Words of Manuel II Palaiologos and his Accusations of Islam Michael Knüppel: Robert Paul Austerlitz (1923-1994) und seine Bedeutung für die nivchischen Studien (Corrigenda et Addenda). Christos P. Baloglou: The Metropolitan Methodios (Fouyas) (1924-2006) and his Contribution to Oriental and Islamic Literature.  Dimitris Michalopoulos: Rum Patrikhanesi: Some considerations on the writings of Kemal Karpat.

Volume  16 (2007), 420 pp.

Animashaun Maruf S.: The Renaissance of Islam. An Aspect of Arabic Cultural Heritage in the Medieval Period. Bouzid Aleya: Contribution à l’étude des tribus berbères: les Sanhâja. Lotfi Aïssa: Tunis ville musulmane: Espaces sacrés et mémoire spatiale. T. M. Yaqub: Data Collection and Elicitation: Trends in Arabic Linguistics. Amidu Sanni: The Nigerian Muslim Youth and the Sharī’a Controversy. Issues in Violence Engineering in the Public Sphere. Jeries N. Khoury: Employment of the Popular Proverb in Modern Αrabic Poetry 1962-1987. Abdul-Kabir Olawale Paramole: Menace of Cultism in Nigerian Educational System and Islamic Strategies for its Eradication. Heshām M. yāssan: Yusif Idrīs… Σπίτι από σάρκα. Emel Esin: Muyanlıq. (Translated by Gary Leiser). Michael Knüppel: Drei Briefe Johannes Rahders an Gerhard Doerfer. Theophanis Malkidis: Aspects of the Kurdish Question. Ruben Safrastyan: Patterns of Ottoman Politics towards Christians during Tanzimat: From Equal Rights to Ottomanization and to Genocidal Intent. Katsuva Ngitsi – Katungo Mukokoma: Disruption of Society as viewed in some African Poems. Olatoye K. A.: Admissibility of Computer Generated Evidence in Nigeria: Making a Case for Reforms. Jovite Kamondo Matata – Désiré Khasirikani Mbakwiravyo: Contribution à l’indentifica-tion des plantes fourragères subspontanées du lapin exploitées par les cuniculteurs à Butembo et ses environs(R.D. Congo). Joseph S. Gbenda: Time and Space in Tiv Traditional Eschatology. Hitimana Justine: L’état des connaissances sur l’histoire du peuplement du Rwanda: Les hypothèses d’hier. Rudi Paret: Το Ισλάμ και η Ελληνική Παιδεία (μτφρ. Γ. Δ. Παναγόπουλος) [Islam und das griechische Bildungswesen].

Volume 17 (2008), 304 pp.

Panayotis A. Yannopoulos: Deux toponymes d’étymologie arabe en Argolide. – Saif Shaheen Almuraikhi: Trade Relations between the Gulf Area and the East Coast of Africa from the 10th to the 15th Century AD / 4th to 9th Century AH. – Gary and Patricia Leiser: Antoine Galland’s Declaration of Orientalism in 1697. – Sotirios S. Livas: Blending Esotericism with Political Aspirations in a Global Level: Tracing a Lineage to Fethullah Gülen’s Islamic Discourse. – Amidu Sanni: Terror in the Name of God and the Society: The Nigerian Youth and the Economy of Violence. – Kamil Koyejo Oloso: Medico-religious Terrain: Between Orthodox and Popular Islam in Yorubaland (Nigeria). – Α. F. Ahmed: Political and Socio-religious Impact of the Qādiriyyah in Nigeria. – S.A. Shittu: A Study of Contents and Styles of Shaykh Ibrahim al-Kawlakh’s Nurul-Bashar fi Mahdi Sayyidil-Bashar. – Kazeem Adebayo Omofoyewa: A Contextual Study of Awdatu Majd al-Markaz of ‘Abdul-Wāhid Jumu‘ah Ariyibi. – Lateef Mobolaji Adetona: Islamic Paradigms of Dialogue as Mechanism for Conflict’s Resolution. – K.A. Olatoye: Laying the Proper Foundation for the Determination of Courts Jurisdiction on Land Matters: Hints to the Supreme Court of Nigeria. – F.A.R. Adeleke: Critical Appraisal of the Offence of Rape under the Codes and the New Child Right Act 2003. – Abdullah, U.O. – Luqman Adedeji: Islamic Teacher Preparation in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects. – Désiré Khasirikani Mbakwiravyo – Charles Machomakali Kamate: Contribution à l’inventaire des plantes consommées par le chimpanzé, Pan troglodytes (Primate : Pongidae), à Kagheri au Nord-Kivu en République Démocratique du Congo. – Heshām M. Ḥāssan: Yusif Idris, Δύο διηγήματα. – BOOK REVIEWS. – CHRONICLES: 1) Obituary: Samuel P. Huntington (1927-2008) – 2) Edward Said: Τhe Clash of Ignorance. –  3) Remembering Edward Said (1935-2003). – 4) Dr. James Watson, Nobel laureate: Black people ‘less intelligent’.

Volume 18 (2009), 405 pp.

Alexandra Ath. Photopoulou: L’influence de l’esprit grec ancien sur la littérature scientifique des arabes au moyen âge: al-Jāḥiẓ et les sources aristotéliciennes de son œuvre «Kitāb al-hayawān». Alexios G.C. Savvides: Ottoman-dominated Morea in the Periods c. 1460-1669 and 1715-1833. A Survey. Παναγιώτης Κουτουβάλας: Δύο δημηγορίες τοῦ Κωνσταντίνου Ζ΄ Πορφυρογεννήτου πρὸς τὸν στρατὸ στὸ πλαίσιο τῶν αραβοβυζαντινῶν συγκρούσεων [Panaghiotes Koutouvalas: Two Orations against the Arabs attributed to Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus]. S. M. Ghazanfar: Capitalist Tradition in the Early Arab-Islamic Civilization. Hakan Aydemir: Bemerkungen zu den tocharisch-türkischen und tocharisch-uigurischen Beziehungen (türkisch twqry, sogdisch twγr’k, persisch t(u)ġr(a)q). Στέφανος Κορδώσης: Από την Ιστορία του Παντουρκισμού: Ο Arminius Vampéry, ο Ismail Bey Gasprinski και ο αγγλο-ρωσικός πολιτικός ανταγωνισμός στην Εσώτερη Ασία [Stefanos Kordoses: From the History of Pan Turkism: Arminius Vambéry, Ismail Bey Gasprinski and the Anglo-Russian Rivalry in Inner Asia]. Ibrahim Olatunde Uthman: Muslim Women in Nigeria. The Position of Fomwan and Lessons from Islamic Malaysia. Kazeem Adebayo Omofoyewa: Markaz and the Development of Arabic Language in South-Western Nigeria. Tijani A. Mogaji: Educational Technology and Arabic Studies: A Review. Abdul-Kabir Ola-wale Paramole: Islamic Ethics in a Democrating Setting: Nigeria as a Case Study. Fuloso Okebukola & Tunde Owolabi: Improving the Reading Ability of Science Students through Study Groups and Multiple Intelligences. M. O. Raheemson: Islam and Corporate Business Ethics. Adesina – Uthman Ganiyat A.:  Financial Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from Africa Cross-Sectional Data. CHRONICLES:1. Mahmoud Darwish (13 March 19419 August 2008). 2. Claude Levi-Strauss (1908-2009). BOOK REVIEWS.

Volume 19 (2010), 426 pp.

Παναγιώτης Γιαννόπουλος, Η Πάτρα στον 9ο αιώνα [= Panayotis Yannopoulos: Patras in 9th Century]. Michael Knüppel, Anmerkungen zum Duraljan – oder: ein Beitrag zur Enfindung von Proto-Sprachen. Mehtap Ergenoğlu & Michael Knüppel, Eine „Inthronisation-Bekanntgabe“ Sulṭān Maḥmūds II. an das Königreich Westphalen in den Beständen der Kasseler Universitäts-bibliothek.Hakan Aydemir, Neue Erkentnisse über die chinesische Vorlage der alttürkischen Xuanzang-Biographie. Bouzid Aleya, Recherches sur les tribus berbères d’époque médiévale : Encore sur les subdivisions des Sanhâja. Gary Leiser: A Figurative Meeting of Minds between Seventeenth-Century Istanbul and Paris: The World Views of Kâtib Çelebî and Barthélemi d’Herbelot. H. Babounis, Témoignages de parole imprimée, symboles et représentations : L’«Égypte» (1862-1863), le premier instrument journalistique de l’hellénisme égyptien. Lateef Mobolaji Adetona: Da’wah (Islamic Propagation) in Yoruba Land: From the Advent of Islam to the End of Colonial Period. O.J.K. Ogundele & A.R. Hassan: Ingredients for Global Dominance in African Entrepreneurship. M.O. Adeniyi: Islamic Concept of Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development in Nigeria. Kareem Muritala Kewuyemi: The Development Finance Institutions in Nigeria and the Islamic Finance since 1964.  Danoye-Oguntola Laguda: “Pentecostalism” and African Religious Movements in the 21th Century: A Case Study of Indigenous Faith of Africa, Ijo Orunmila. F.A.R. Adeleke & Lateef Ogboye: Male Circumcision: Sexual and Reproductive Health Perspectives. Ι. Α. Seriki: An Examination of the Appointment of Chief Imam of Abeokuta Central Mosque and it’s Attendant Crises (1890-1960). Mubarak Ademola Noibi: Political Corruption and the Nigerian Democratic Environment: The Role of Religion. Evangelia Damouli: Les femmes dans «Le champ des oliviers» et «Mémoire de l’absent» de Nabile Farès, écrivain algérien d’expression française. Katsuva Ngitsi & Katsuva Kayisavira: The African Ruler’s Policy of “Divide and Rule”: A Socio-political Criticism through some Novels. Kazeem Adebayo Omofoyewa: Al-Qalqasandī and his Subh al-a‛shā: Lessons for, and Challenges to Nigerian Arabic Prose Writers. Justine Hitimana: La transition du Rwanda vers l’indépendence: les principales revendications et exigences politiques des élites locales (1957-1962). Vicky Muamba Mvita: Analyse du chiffre d’affaires critique dans la gestion commerciale de la Bracongo / Kananga. Sébastien Mutanga Diboko: Utilisation des preservatifs dans le planning familial chez les couples de la Zone de Santé de Kananga. Eduard Bwatu Pero: Diagnostic paraclinique et fréquence des tuberculeux dans la ville de Kananga. Olivier Roger Kabatuakuidi Bakajika: Décès dus au paludisme chez les enfants de moins de 5 ans à Kananga. Adetola Οlujare Oye: The Limits of Translation: Translating an African Writer. MISCELLANEA: 1. Michael Knüppel: Ein neues Wörterbuch der Turzismen im Bulgarischen. 2. Michael Knüppel: Einige Bemerkungen zu einem Privatdruck D. Schlingloffs („T III MQR – Eine ostturkistanische Klosterbibliothek und ihr Schicksal“). 3. Χρήστου Π. Μπαλό-γλου: Ὁ πατριάρχης Ἀλεξανδρείας Χριστοφόρος καὶ ὁ Νίκος Μπελογιάννης. Μία ἄγνωστη σελίδα τῆς ἱστορίας τοῦ Πατριαρχείου Ἀλεξανδρείας [= Christos Baloglou: Pope and Patriarch of Alexandreia Christophoros and Nikos Beloyiannis. An unknown page of the history of the Patriarchate of Alexandria]. 4. Dimitri Νikolay Sargsyan: Architectural art of Urartu, the origination of its ethnic roots. CHRONICLES: 1. President Obama’s Cairo Speech. 2. Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd (1943-2010). BOOK REVIEWS.

Volume 20 (2011), 333 pp.

Areej Muhammad Rajhi: L’exploitation des mines et des carrières en Égypte sous le règne de la XIIe dynastie (1991-1780 ?  avant J.C.). Kizobo O’bweng-Okwess: L’Afrique au sud de l’Égypte et du Sahara dans l’Oikoumène byzantin. Παναγιώτης Γιαννόπουλος: Τα ιστορικώς εξακριβωμένα στοιχεία για το βίο του Αγίου Πέτρου Άργους. El-Fatih El-Zain Sheikh Idris: Pre-Islamic Arabian navigation from the Seventh to the Tenth Century A.D. Maruf Suraqat Animashaun & Mohd. Shamsuddin Salauddin: The Format Authority: Ibn Rashiq’s (d. 1064/456) Exposition of Literary Criticism in al-‘Umda. Michael Knüppel: Die Na-déné-Spachen im Lichte der Greenberg- Klassifikation?. Claude Otto: Etymologisches und Grammatikalisches zu toch.B ṣārwai. Amidu Sanni: Arabic Studies in the Nigerian University System: Retrospections, Introspections, and Projections. Mikail Adebisi Folorunshο: Further Light on the Diffusion of Arabic Literary Scholarship in Yorubaland, South- Nigeria. Abioye Abdulrauf: A Congratulatory Poem by Harun Katibi. Αbdul Kabeer Tihamiyu Otunuyi: Translation Challenges in the training of Teachers through Arabic Medium in Nigeria. S. A. Shittu: An Analytical Study of Yoruba Proverbs of Islamic Origin. John Kambale Katimba: The Effects of Cosmic Forces on Human Beings in Yira Society. Sulaiman Kamal-Deen Olawale: The justifications for a Male’s Double Share of Female in Islamic Law of Inheritance. Kabir Olawale Paramole: The Qur’anic Basis for a Crime – Free Community in Contemporary Nigeria: An Inquiry into Qur’an 17 Verses 3-37. Rosnani Bint Hashim & Saheed Ahmad Rufai: Traditional Islamic Education in Asia and Africa: A Comparative Study of  Malaysia’s pondok, Indonesia’s pesantren, and Nigeria’s traditional madrasah. Hessah al Dossary: L’autre dans l’expérience romanesque d’Amine Maalouf (L’exemple Des échelles du Levant). Rhena Spanou: “…War… fought by Proxy”. The 1919-22 Greek Asia Minor Campaign. ΜΙSCΕLLΑΝΕΑ: 1. Michael Knüppel: Addenda und Corrigenda zu JOAS 19, 2010. 2. Michael Knüppel: Noch einmal zum „Proto-Nostratischen”? – Oder: Über die Sprache des Homo Insipiensis. 3. Evangélie Damouli: «Entre Oui et Non» dans L’envers et l’endroit d’Albert Camus. OBITUARIES: 1. Kamal Suleiman Salibi (الصليبي سليمان كمال) (2 May 1929 – 1 September 2011). 2. G.H.A. Juynboll (1935-2010). 3. Oleg Grabar († January 8, 2011). 4.  Νεοκλής Σαρρής (Neokles Sarres) (1940-19.11.2011). CHRONICLES: Conference in Thessaloniki (Greece). Balkan Worlds: Ottoman past and Balkan Nationalisms. REVIEW ARTICLES. BOOK REVIEWS. CONTRIBUTORS.

Volume 21 (2012), 314 pp.

Χρήστου Π. Μπαλόγλου: Η παραμονή και δραστηριότητα του Αποστόλου Παύλου στην Αραβία.  [=Christos P. Baloglou: Apostle Paul’s Travel and Activities in Arabia.]. Dimitri Νikolay Sargsyan: The Worship and Religion of the Urartian State, the Roots of its Ethnic Origin. Stephanos Kordoses: The Islamic Pre-history of Pan Turkism: Muslim View of the World of the Steppe Nomads and the Turks. Michael Knüppel: Zu Edward Sapirs „Comparative dictionary of Indo-Chinese and Na-Dene”. Hakeem Salmon: The Princely Versesmith of the Umayyad: Walid b. Yazid. Jeries Naim Khoury: Employment of Popular Proverbs in Modern Arabic Poetry from 1988 – 2012. Sotirios S. Livas: Hizmet Revisited: A Critical Reassesment of Fethullah Gülen’s Global Vision and Network. Adejoro Raheem Mustapha: The Emmergence and Activities of Muslim Societies in Akokoland of Ondo State, Nigeria. Muhammad Olatunde Yaqub: Learning Arabic Language in Nigerian Universities and Beyond. Mikail Adebisi Folorunsho: Stylistic Features in the Arabic Works of Yoruba (South-Western Nigeria) ‘Ulamā’. Amidu Olalekan Sanni: Conversion and Reversion in the Power Accession Narrative: Muslim Prayer Groups in Nigeria. S. A. Owoeye: Socio-Cultural and Religious Factors in Christian and Muslim’s Dialogue in Comparison between Northern and South Western Nigeria. Grégoire Ngalamulume Tshiebue: Les projets de développement agricole en RD Congo : quel apport à la réalisation de la sécurité alimentaire et au renforcement des capacités locales? Étude comparative de deux cas dans la Province du Kasaï Occidental. Albertine K’untu Ndjeka: La femme rurale de Luadanda face au défi de l’autonomisation et du développement : nécessite d’un plaidoyer. Stavros Nikolaïdis: Dialogue and Didacticism in the Teaching of History: Ibn Tufail, Miltiades Vratsanos and developments in Educational Theory. ΜΙSCELLANEA: 1. Michael Knüppel: Tocharische Substratfragen II: Die Frage des drāviḍischen Substrats – aus dem Briefwechsel zwischen Karl Heinrich Menges und Wolfgang Krause. 2. Michael Knüppel: The writings of Robert Shafer. 3. Michael Knüppel: A. Yakup und der Niedergang der altturkologischen Forschung. 4. Dimitry Nikolay Sargsyan: Applied art of Urartu, the roots of its ethnic rise. REVIEW ARTICLES. BOOK REVIEWS. OBITUARIES:1. Metropolit of Leontopolis Dionysius (1929-2012), 2. Moham-med Arkoun (1928-2010), 3. Foulath Hadid (1937-2012), 4. David Lewis James (1941-2012), 5. Albert Kenneth Cragg (1913-2012). CHRONICLES: 1. Université d’Athènes, Séminaire des 10, 11 & 12 décembre 2012, « Les soulèvements dans le monde arabo-musulman : questions de sécurité et de stabilité en Méditerranée ». 2. Literate & Learned. Brill: 330 Years of Typography in the Service of Scholarship. Exhibition 10 November 2012 to 19 May 2013.

Volume 22 (2013), 314 pp.

Michael Knüppel: Über die Schutzgottheiten im Kolophon des manichäi- schen Pothī-Buchs. Χρήστος Π. Μπαλόγλου: Η ιεραποστολική δραστηριότητα και η διάδοση του Χριστιανισμού στη Μέση Ανατολή: Η περίπτωση της Κύπρου [=Christos P. Baloglou: The Mission Activity and the Spread of Christianity in Near East: The Case of Cyprus. Kineene wa Mutiso: The Stylistic Devices in the Archetypal Kasida ya Burudai. Muritala Kewuyemi Kareem & Khalid Ishola Bello: Market Practices in Islam. Amidu Sanni & Hakeem Salmon: Between Sukaynah bint al-Ḥusayn (d. 117/735) and Fadwā Ṭūqān (d.1424/2003): Critical Elements in Feminine Poetical and Critical Tradition. Mikail Adebisi Folorunsho: The Portrait of Shaykh ’Ādam ʽAbdullāh ’Al-’Ilūrī (1917-1992) in an Arabic Threnody of Nigerian Provenance. Yaseen Kittani:  Thematic Structure in the Novel Rama and the Dragon by al-Kharrāṭ. Sotiris S. Livas: From Erdoğanism to “The Corruption of the Turkish Example”: AKP, Erdoğan and the Tahrir Square Revolt in the Arab Press. Badibanga Kantshiama: Le profil sociolinguistique de Kananga des origines à nos jours (1881-2010). Essai de reconstitution de faits linguistiques par le biais de l’histoire. Muritala Kewuyemi Kareem & Khalid Ishola Bello: Evaluation of Market Practices in South-Western Nigeria in the Light of Kitābu-l-buyū‘ in Al-Jazairi’s Minhājul-Muslim. Stany Vwima – Jean-Luc Mastaki – Philippe Lebailly: L’impact du commerce frontalier des produits alimentaires avec le Rwanda sur la réduction de la pauvreté des ménages de la ville de Bukavu (Sud-Kivu). Kizobo O’bweng-Okwess: De la modernité écornée à la modernité rêvée en République Démocratique du Congo : L’Odyssée d’une écriture romanesque. Justine Hitimana & Aimable Kadafi: L’inculcation de l’idéologie du génocide sous le régime de Grégoire Kayibanda au Rwanda (1961-1973). Justine Hitimana: Le génocide perpètre contre les Tutsi au Rwanda en 1994 et la communauté internationaleJustin Mukandila Matshimba: Esquisse d’une réflexion sur la problématique de l’hygiène hospitalière a l’hôpital provincial du Kasaï-Occidental en 2012. Étienne Lock: L’Art comme Écriture en Afrique noire. ΜΙSCELLANEA: 1. Michael Knüppel: Überlegungen zu Lock- und Scheuchrufen für Tiere in tungusischen Sprachen und Dialekten. 2. Kineene wa Mutiso: Enigmas as a Mirror of Society: The Case of the Swahili. OBITUARIES:  1. Peter Garlake (1934-2011). 2. Aziz Batran (1941-2011). 3. Martin Bernal (1937-2013). 4. Ahmed Etman (1945-2013). IN MEMORY OF PAST ORIENTALISTS ΑΝD AFRICANISTS: 1. A.F.L. Beeston (1911-1995). 2. Jamal-Eddine Bencheikh (1930-2005). 3. F. Clark Howell (1925-2007). 4. Harold G. Marcus (1933-1999). 5. Richard B. Nunoo (-2007). CΟNGRESSES. BOOK REVIEWS.